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When a banishing spell goes awry, Paige Turner must defeat a vengeful spirit before he destroys everything she loves.

Paige Turner is back!

What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend in New York City turns sour when she meets a familiar stranger who freezes the blood in her veins. The experience shocks her world, and sends her into a flurry of doubt over everything in her life, from her current relationship, to her skills as a witch.

Did she truly banish a ghost, or just transplant him into a different body...a body primed for revenge?


J.E. Taylor is an author, a publisher, an editor, a mother, a wife, a business analyst, and a Supernatural fangirl, not necessarily in that order. She first sat down to seriously write in February of 2007 after her daughter asked:

“Mom, if you could do anything, what would you do?”

From that moment on, she hasn’t looked back!

She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children and during the summer months enjoys her weekends on the shore in southern Maine.



“She was still alive when I was admitted, but if she hasn’t come back from where ever she went...” Austin cursed the burn in his eyes and his now watery vision. “Please, I need to know.”

The detective sighed and glanced at the door before he dropped the pictures back on the bench. When he approached the bed, he pulled the phone out of his pocket. “Normally, I don’t stick my ass out for anyone, but either you’re a genius of an actor or you’re telling the truth.”

Austin bit his lower lip and nodded. “I appreciate it. But do me a favor, whatever is said, please don’t let whoever is on the line know you are in the room, okay?” he asked and the detective hesitated. “Her life may depend on it,” he added very softly. Not to mention mine, he thought, but didn’t voice it.

The hardness in the detective’s face softened a fraction and he gave a small nod.

Austin rattled the number off and met the detective’s dark eyes. He punched the numbers in and pressed the speaker, holding the phone close to Austin’s mouth. The phone rang for what seemed like forever and then a tentative male voice answered.


“Is Paige there?”

The low chuckle filled the line and Austin met the detective’s gaze.

“We were wondering just how long it would take for you to call, especially since she had your phone when I found her.”

“I swear...” Austin growled and pressed his teeth together against the threat poised to tumble from his mouth.

The low rumble of ancient words came over the line and Paige screamed in the background. The detective’s eyes glazed over and the phone dropped onto Austin’s chest. When the gun came out of his jacket, Austin’s blood froze along with his breath.

Paige’s pleas came through the line, her promises to do anything he asked if he would just spare Austin’s life burned him more than staring down the barrel of the gun.

Another set of words paused the detective’s trigger finger, but by his expression, he now recognized what was happening, and all color bled from his face.

“If you hurt her...” Austin huffed as his entire body contracted in anger. The pain that followed nearly ripped a grunt from his throat, but he was able to control the sound.

“Please,” Paige whispered in the background. “You don’t need to hurt him, I will do whatever you want, just leave him alone, please.”

“Paige, you don’t need to protect me,” he said, his voice soft, but firm.

“Are you alone?” Hunter asked and Austin wasn’t sure how to answer that. If he said no and Hunter uttered whatever command he had before, he would be dead in less than a minute. If he said yes, he might still be dead in the same timeframe.

“Yes,” he lied.

“Should we test that?”

Austin clenched his teeth and the detective was able to slightly shake his head. Horror filled his eyes at the lack of control he had over his physical form.

“Go for it,” Austin said, playing out the bluff.


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