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She thought she was a witch...she's more

Skye’s a young witch who sucks at spells and works at a metaphysical store, The Green Fairy. Strange things are happening there at night: black specks of movement out of the corner of her eye, mysterious buzzing noises, unidentified dragonfly-like carcasses in the basement, and a hidden cache of absinthe (aka fairy crack).

Kheelan is a human changeling. Raised with the fairies, he’s viewed as an inferior species whose only use is to serve his kidnappers. He’s been totally screwed by the Fae and his only goal in life is freedom. When he meets Skye, he sees an opportunity to escape. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by feelings for this quirky witch.

As Samhain, the witch’s Halloween, draws near she must make a bold move to claim her heritage and power, restore order in the fairy realm, and try to win Kheelan’s freedom and love. Absinthe, autism and augury meld into a paranormal cauldron where fairies are sly tricksters waiting to trap you in their Realm.


As usual, Debbie Herbert created a stellar story that will stay with me for a long, long time. Skye is the young lady most of us were in our late teens; a confused, still-searching-for-herself adolescent who doesn’t give herself enough credit. I loved how well I could relate to her character. Kheenan was complex and multi-dimensional, demonstrating the effects of a lifetime of abuse and neglect while still allowing the story to stay light. The magic and world-building was astoundingly vivid and colorful, while the storyline flowed perfectly with sprinklings of real-life social issues throughout (the slavery of the human race by fairies for one). The amount of research that went into every detail was obvious. Debbie made sure she knew her stones and her fae mythology inside and out. Of course, I expected nothing less. Debbie has once again displayed a bounty of talent for the creative writing process, officially making her my favorite author of 2015! -- Amazon Customer Review


Debbie Herbert writes paranormal romance novels reflecting her belief that love, like magic, casts its own spell of enchantment. She is traditionally published through Harlequin, as well as Indie published. Married and living in Alabama, she roots for the Crimson Tide football team (Roll Tide!). Debbie enjoys recumbent bicycling with her husband. She has two grown sons and the oldest has autism. Characters with autism frequently land in her works, even when she doesn't plan on it!



The blood moon of October cast shimmering beams, tingeing the treetops with crimson. By Halloween, it would reach fullness, and the balance of good and evil in the Fae kingdom would be in peril as the veil between human and spirit worlds would be at its thinnest. An in-between, middling time. A dangerous time.

But Kheelan was used to being in two worlds at once, yet belonging to neither.

What was wrong with him? You’d think he’d never seen a beautiful girl. Besides, even the prettiest human couldn’t compare to the enchantment of any run-of-the-mill fairy. And he should know. The daoine-sith Fae rewarded him with a fairy lover whenever he completed a dangerous mission, as if rewarding an obedient dog with a bone.

Kheelan smoldered at the humiliation. His skin burned from it, his mouth scorched from the angry words he must never say aloud. They had stolen him from his human family. He’d no doubt been sleeping unaware the night those cradle robbers came and forced him into a lifetime of servitude and danger.

He got nothing in return. No love, no acceptance, and no hope of a future. Indeed, they despised him.

Changeling. How he hated the word, been taunted with it, as if it was some kind of deformity on his part. A mere changeling, only tolerated for what he could do in their petty wars or their unending, menial labors. He summoned his enormous will and pushed the bitter thoughts away.


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