(Watch Me) Save You with @AvrilAsh


About the story:

This time around, we get Tek and Quinn's story-- two damaged men who want to save each other. Both men are slowly drowning from different, but equal, issues. Life feels hopeless and is killing them. When they come together you want them to be strong, and they were explosive.

My favorite quote:

"I need to kiss you. Taste you, just once." He held up a finger as he walked over slowly. "Just one time. I need to put my lips on yours, feel them part for me. I think you'll taste like everything I've forbidden myself to want. I think it'll devastate me, the feel, the taste of you, when your tongue touches mine. But I want that. Just once. Let me taste you, Quinn." He didn't usually beg. At least not for this, not for a kiss. "Devastate me."

My thoughts:

Avril Ashton needs to write faster! This series is amazing and I want more. Feed my need, Avril