Spread your magic

This one is for the readers, even the author readers.
Inside a writer's mind is an ugly mess. It looks a lot like this: Oh my god! Why do I keep doing this? I think I suck at this. My book has been out forever and only has 2 reviews. Some dude on Goodreads has two accounts under the same name and he just 1-star rated all my books under both accounts. Now, I have 140 1-stars and hate life. Another advertising company just denied my book, because I guess my $800, I had to sell 2,400 books to make, isn't good enough for them. Freaking Amazon is paying half-a-cent a page now?! FML!! Damn. I need chocolate. Who drank all the wine? Oh, yeah, I finished that off after the 140 1-stars. I should quit, and adopt 50 cats. At least they'd love me.
Then, we go to Amazon and see your review, and you loved it. Our book made you laugh, cry, and tell all your friends. You threw it against the wall and then hugged it to your chest. Everything is right with our world again.
You're the cure to our madness. Please keep spreading your magic. Keep reading and leaving reviews. {{HUGS}}