How to make a writer cry

For anyone who doesn't know what this is 

Most authors understand awards don't sell books, and most readers never notice if a book wins one, but that doesn't change how this feels. My book Sated placed 4th in this year's Passionate Plume Awards with the Passionate Ink chapter of the RWA. I wasn't able to attend this year's RWA convention in New York, but they sent my stuff in the mail, and I'm every bit as happy to have it as if I'd been there. I adore the RWA and the Passionate Ink chapter. Writing is more than my career, it's my dream coming true. Every day I get up and daydream a new world for other people to enjoy. There's no better dream job than that. Sated hasn't been my biggest seller, but it has been the book that's received the most recognition this year from reviewers and organizations. Anytime anything amazing happens to this book, it brings tears to my eyes. Sated is the story I began writing only days before I learned I have a major health problem. I was devastated and had no outlet. The last thing I wanted was to hear how I needed to be strong. As a matter of point, I didn't want to hear from anyone. All I wanted was to rage against the world. My mood was beyond black and all my darkness went into this book. It helped me cope, so for everyone who read this book and saw my soul, thank you. 


Charity Parkerson