(Watch Me) Unmask You with @AvrilAsh

About the book:

Lucky's parents are killed and he's sent to live with his aunt. Unhappiness sends him running back to his childhood home--dirty, hungry, and more alone than ever. That's where he meets Elias--an older man who brings him peace, and so much more.

There are so many secrets and lies, I can't give a full description without worrying I'll ruin the story, but these two are smokin'.

My favorite quote:

"This isn't forgiveness," Lucky spoke into his mouth. He stroked Elias with a rough, dry palm, pulling his shaft with tight, angry jerks. He bit Elias's bottom lip, made him groan high and long. "This isn't absolution."

My thoughts:

I've always believed you only get one. Not one chance at true love, I think that can happen to you more than once, but you only get one match to your gasoline. You only get one passion that burns you both to the ground. That person who, no matter what else they do, you can love them or hate them, but they still set you ablaze. That's Lucky and Elias. It doesn't matter if it's screwed. If it's built on sand or solid ground, these two burned each other down, and it was heart-wrenching. Great job! On to book #4 for me.