(Watch Me) Break You with @AvrilAsh

I'm a huge fan of Avril Ashton's Brooklyn Sinner series, so I was thrilled to start on the Run This Town series.

About the book:

Under the guise of running a candy store, Dima actually runs the streets. Since his father's death, Dima has struggled to hang onto his foothold with enemies waiting to kill him around every corner. Dima doesn't care. After all, he's already dead inside. That is until Mateo recommends a certain club and Dima sets eyes on him. X is beautiful in his control. His dominance and the pain he inflicts on his subs never touches his emotions. Dima wants to see him break.

When X sees Dima, he can't believe it. The man he's set a hit on has walked right into his clutches. But from the first moment Dima invades his space, pressing his beautifully tatted body against him, X is lost.

Can this new and obsessive love endure the lies?

My thoughts...

Oh, wow. The heat. The control. The submission! This book is the perfect example of why I laugh my butt off every time I hear some talk about 50 Shades being abusive. You can always spot the people who know nothing about real darkness, meeting anyone who gets off on pain. These two--just wow. They love it. They want it, and I begged for them to find it with one another. I absolutely adored their fire.

My favorite quotes:

-Xavier pounded into him, teeth in Dima's shoulder, muttering things Dima couldn't not hear. Word like I and Love and You.

-"You. Are. The. Love. Of. My. Life." Xavier punctuated each word with a blow. Dima backed each one up with a cry. Too much. His body was ablaze, going up in flames, and yet his chest hurt more. His heart hurt more.

Now, I'm off to read Is and Reggie's story. (Watch Me) Smooches!