(Watch Me) Body You by @AvrilAsh


About the story:

This time around it's Is and Reggie's story. These best friends have never wanted another man until they found each other. Is is the man in charge of the rude boys. He can't be seen as weak in any way. Reggie is the man who's seen him at his lowest, had his back, and loved him through it all. They're both scared to make the first move, and in the process, they're killing one another.

My thoughts...

Welp, I can say with one hundred percent surety, I've never uttered the words, "That dude just admitted to ____ing a cucumber!" before this book. Since I had a good laugh over that, I thought you would too. In all seriousness, these guys love each other and I couldn't help falling in love with them being together along the way.

My favorite quote.:

"I let you see me naked and do unspeakable things to my ass." Is narrowed his eyes. "Of course I love you."
Reggie barked out a laugh then winced at the pain it brought. "I knew that you loved me."
"You let me do unspeakable things to your ass."

Another great story, so I'm definitely moving on to the next.