Tough Love with @LoriLFoster

 The only thing I love almost as much as an Alpha male is an independent woman. We get that in Vanity. She wants Stack, but she doesn't need him.
Not only is it a combination irresistible for the reader, it's equally irresistible for Stack. After Yvette and Cannon's wedding, Vanity offers Stack the one thing he can't turn down-- a night of no-strings-attached sex.
Even though the reader knows where this is headed-- one night turns into love-- the journey is worth reading, and isn't paved with gold. You see they're on their way, until Stacks family steps onto the
 I loved this book, but as always, I'm holding out for Armie's book. Thank you HQN for allowing me to check it out before the official release. Lori, you know I'll stalk you online until I get the full-on kink side of Armie. :-D