Badass Book Society

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A group of authors, indie-publishing professionals, reviewers, bloggers and readers have gotten together to form the Badass Book Society. The purpose of this group is to promote better books for a more enjoyable reading experience for readers. In other words, 'The ingenious solution to literary pollution'. Currently, the group has beta readers and reviewers but are always on the lookout for even more readers who want to help authors provide the best possible books. If you are interested in being part of this, sign ups for the newsletter with a listing of the books and manuscripts available is at In most cases books are available through Instafreebie but specific titles can be sent directly to a Kindle reading app from the Society.
Why should you consider becoming a reader for Badass Book Society? Mainly because your love of reading, but also because each book read entitles you to an monthly drawing for either a $20 Amazon gift card or Paypal cash, funded by the Society, not the authors. Each book read and subsequently reviewed on either blog, website or retailer is eligible for its own entry so conceivably one book can mean 1, 2, 3, or even more entry points. What you should know about the process:
  • Books are available through Instafreebie.
  • Newsletters are sent out listing each book available, the description and each of the links for ease in leaving a review online.
  • Each title will only be available for a limited time.
  • Authors will not have access to your name or email unless you choose to contact them - if they have a question regarding your notes they will contact the Society and the Society will pass the question on to you, then you can reply to them or to the Society who will pass your answer on.
  • Reviews and notes regarding the book (as well as the links to the various reviews online) can be entered into an online form or emailed to Badass Book Society.
  • Each verified online review is awarded an additional entry in the monthly drawing (done the first weekend of the month).
  • Badass Book Society funds the monthly drawing, not the author.
Are you an author, reader or publishing professional and would like more information about Badass Book Society? Sign up at to find out about membership, services, promotional opportunities, and advertising available. Don�t forget to join the mailing list for important information

Even if you're not interested in becoming a Beta for us, please help us with our Thunderclap and Headtalker campaign ending tomorrow. Those who help support will get double the support in return! See below for easy click-to-support.