ARC review of Deep by Kylie Scott

Of the four members of Stage Dive--one of today's hottest bands-- Ben is the one least affected by the fame. He's still driving the same truck his uncle gave him years ago. For him, it's all the about the music. He loves it. There's no room for anything else in his head or heart. Then, there's Lizzy. 

"While I might not be putting any supermodels out of business anytime soon (average height, not much up front, but curvy in the back--just like my sister) he'd be hard-pressed to find a girl who could beat me for enthusiasm. I might only come up to his shoulder, but god damn would I make bending down worth his while." 

Since the moment Lizzy set eyes on Ben, she's known he was the one. As Mal's new sister-in-law, she's totally off-limits. To Ben's credit, he tries to stay away, but through a series of texts, the pair become closer every day. 

One night...that's all it takes to change everything. Lizzy's dreams of finishing college, Ben's free-as-a-bird lifestyle are gone with a positive pregnancy test. 

Out of all the books, this one probably made me the most angry. Don't take that the wrong way. This book is totally awesome and 5 stars all the way. This story made me want to bash Ben over the head. Even the appearance of Martha, who I super-duper hate, couldn't detract from how badly I wanted to knee Ben in the balls. He was so caught up in how this baby was impacting his life, I never felt like he got how much it changed Lizzy's life. It was an immediate change. She gave up everything, and he was worried he wouldn't be able to jump on a plane and jam with his buddies. I just wanted to growl. 

One of my biggest highlights was Jimmy contemplating a beard. LOL! It was a great book. Thank you St. Martin's Press for allowing me to read it early.