Roses and Wine with @UviPoznansky

Let us surround you with roses Don't miss this opportunity!
Roses & Wine
A select group of authors has joined forces with me to bring you amazing stories, narrated by great voice actors, just before Valentine’s Day Let us surround you with roses as you listen to voice clips from our audiobooks.

You may win one of them!
Uvi Poznansky A Peek at Bathsheba Rise to Power Apart from Love Twisted
Donna Fasano The Merry-Go-Round Barbara Silkstone The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland Mister Marcy’s Dog
Aaron Paul Lazar Seacrest
 Libby Fischer Hellmann Nobody’s Child Set the Night on Fire
 Elaine Raco Chase Best Laid Plans No Easy Way Out Calculated Risk One Way or Another
Charity Parkerson Intact Tasting Temptation The Wizard of the Wanton Sated 
Stacy Juba Twenty-Five Years Ago Today
Janet Morris Mage Blood A Man and his God
Seb Kirby Take No More
James DiBenedetto Dream Sequence