Another 5 star read by @LoriLFoster

First off, I CANNOT wait for Armie's book. If it turns out he's not into spanking, I'm going to be devastated. I seriously want some sexy, ripped Armie spankings. This was me reading every one of his bits.

Anyhow, I'm a huge Lori Foster fan, so I'm always over-the-moon when Harelquin allows me to get my hands on one of her books early. Thanks for that. It made me doubly happy when Denver and Cherry hit the sheets within the first few pages. I realize some people don't care for that, but I'd read the sexual tension between the two in the last story, and I tend to lean more toward erotica books, so this worked for me. Denver became sort of a jealous ass at this point.

Okay, maybe not that extreme, and I only feel the need to point it out, because some people don't like the ultra-alpha, but I found it sexy. Not to mention, no matter your preference, Denver was the perfect man for Cherry, because she has a crazy, scary stalker bent on having her. Denver's nature made him the exact right choice to deal with the situation.'re going to want to throat-punch Carver.

For me, Denver's possessiveness for Cherry had me staying up all night to finish this book in one sitting. Another 5 star read from Lori Foster.