Heart's Beat a new M/M Romance for only $0.99

By day, Cade works as a mechanic. By night, he’s the drummer for a popular nightclub band. Music has always been his greatest love and biggest dream. That is, until Cade meets Dylan. 

For Dylan, working as head bartender for Club Khronos is the ultimate job opportunity. There’s no way he could’ve foreseen how torturous the position would become. Six months of craving Cade has driven Dylan insane. No matter what he tries, Dylan can’t get a clear read on Cade. When Cade does finally make his move, Dylan realizes a fate worse than never having the man of his dreams—being kept a secret. 

**Author Note** 

Heart’s Beat is the introduction to a new series—Ugly Eternity. You can grab this M/M Romance for only $0.99. 

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Here's an unedited sneak peek:
Copyright © 2014 Charity Parkerson
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“What are doing later on tonight?”
The brunette’s question caught Dylan off guard. Glancing up at the sound of his voice, his gaze collided with a pair of sexy green eyes. They were a shade darker than Cade’s. Dylan sort of wanted to punch himself in the face for noticing. He knew he’d met the guy before, but damned if he could remember his name. To buy some time, Dylan made a show of putting away the clean glasses he’d been carrying. The dude was hot as hell. Perfect angles and tight muscles. Perhaps the time had come to wipe Cade from his mind. The tattooed and delicious male hadn’t shown an ounce of interest. Dylan didn’t know why he clung so tightly to the fantasy of him. Sometimes the best defense…
“Are you avoiding my question? I could go away.” Dylan smiled at the humor in his voice. Between the devilish glint in his eye and his slashing eyebrows, the man’s expression bordered on predatory. Hawke! His name was Hawke. The knowledge slammed into Dylan, allowing him to breathe a little easier. He hated looking like an ass and having to ask someone he’d already been introduced to, to remind him of their name.
Dylan shook his head. “I was thinking over my schedule.” And maybe avoiding his question, a little. “What did you have in mind?” If Dylan thought Hawke’s expression had been wicked before, it was nothing compared to his smile as he answered.
Dylan’s stomach muscles tightened as the word fell from Hawke’s lips. Damn, and what lips they were. They looked firm. Capable. In spite of his best intentions, Dylan’s gaze drifted over Hawke’s shoulder, finding Cade in the crowd. Hawke’s mouth was a direct contrast to the blond haired, blue eyed drummer. Plump, lickable, and tempting were a few of the thoughts that sprang to mind each time Dylan caught himself staring. Opposite was a good thing if he hoped to shake his fascination. Tearing his gaze away from the gorgeous male who possessed way too many of Dylan’s thoughts, he focused on the one who wanted him. Forcing himself to smile, Dylan leaned closer and added a touch of interest into his tone.
“I can’t imagine why I’d be on your mind.”
Hawke lifted the longneck sitting in front of him to his lips. “On it. Under it. Your choice,” he said, tilting the bottle back. His eyes never left Dylan, even as his throat worked. The move made Dylan’s cock twitch. He didn’t want to be affected by the obvious ploy, but damn. It was a good one. Hunger gnawed at his gut, and sounded heavily in voice when he finally found it.
“I don’t get off until 2a.m., but I’m free afterward.”
“No. He’s not.”