Without Words

Sometimes even authors are left without words. Okay, so maybe not completely speechless. This is a blog post, after all. The thing is, sometimes I'm left speechless and humbled. This is one of those times. As a matter of fact, this whole year has been beyond description. For so many years, I was that person who always has their nose stuck in a book. I guess, in a manner of speaking, I still am that person. The love of reading is more of an addiction than affection. I spent a small fortune feeding my need for a new book boyfriend every day. One day, other people's worlds weren't enough for me any longer, and I began creating my own. I wish I could say that writing saved me from the poor house, and what I spent in buying books pales in comparison to what I've earned as an author, but I'd be lying. 
It doesn't matter. Not at all, because of times such as now. In comes the part where I'm moved beyond description because Cyborg: Books One and Two has been nominated for Best Book of the Year in Erotica and The Sexy & The Undead has been nominated for Best Book of the Year in Sci/fi-Fantasy.   Best Book of the YEAR. That's huge. How can I go from describing the mirror world and cybertronics to explaining how that feels? It's in my gut and stinging the backs of my eyes. Humbled doesn't go anywhere near far enough at explaining this emotion sitting on my chest. Someone at BTS Magazine closed the cover on two of my books, and thought, "Wow! That's the best book I've read ALL YEAR." 
Since I have no words, here's my heart. 


  1. You deserve every bit and more, my talented friend <3

    1. Thank you <3 <3 I don't suppose I'll ever feel that way. I just wanted to write, and move people, but I never truly thought anyone would read. I ended up being the one moved.


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