Classy women and trifling b**ches

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Occasionally, I do a post that isn't for anyone other than me. The people involved will most likely never read this, but sometimes things just need to be said for the sake of saying them. Yesterday, I dealt with two distinctly different women, opposite ends of the spectrum. The first, I reached out to while only having an extremely tentative connection and realizing she had absolutely no obligation to respond to my query. Not only did this person respond, she made my whole horrible day brighter. In a moment of the blackest of my moods, she showed amazing class, doing her best uplift me, even though we've never met and she had no reason to do so. I also had a very unfortunate encounter with someone who I emailed with a question. This person was obligated on many level to respond to me. We have business dealings and it's a professional connection. My email was professional and unemotional. I needed nothing more than information. Even if they didn't like the information they had to pass along or found my inquiry ridiculous, it was their job to simply state the facts and move on, but instead they chose the low road. An extremely unprofessional low road. This brings me to my post.

There's no doubt, the internet has changed society. The things parents teach their children about being respectful, showing class and simply being a good person has gone away with the lack of eye contact. Every time you get online, or leave your house for that matter, you're dealing other people....real people. These people have lives, worries. Perhaps they're drowning in debt, going through a divorce, caring for a sick family member or dealing with health issues of their own. You never know, but you do know that no one is perfect nor is anyone's life perfect. We all have good days and bad. It's how you choose to behave when you're at your worst that defines you. With that said, and having seen both sides, I'm going to tell (as much as I can) about why this matters to me so much.

A few months back, I fell ill. It happened very sudden, shocking me, leaving me devastated mentally, physically and financially. But I made a choice, I will still get up every day and find a way, because that's who I am. I'm an author. It's a gift that has brought me to the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Now, it's my saving grace, because I don't live in this body 80% of the time. I'm free to travel wherever my mind can take me, even if I can't walk up the stairs without losing my breath. I refuse to back down. In spite of that, yesterday was a wretched day and the wrong day for a snarky bitch to bring her unprofessionalism to my door. Perhaps, she was having the worst day of her life. I'll never know, but her actions told me everything I need to know. She and her company are people I have no desire to associate with, so she's had her last jab at my expense. May it keep her warm and bring her comfort when they land in court for the money they owe me. Even though I was having a horrible day, doctors were calling, wanting their money, money I can't pay because I can't get paid, I still chose to be nice to her. But make no mistake, I am finished with them. I've marked a date on my calender as my tell-all date, and another for a hire a lawyer date. 

I wish that I could give credit to the amazing woman who did her best to uplift me. She deserves it. She has more class in her pinky than that other one does anywhere. If everyone stopped for a moment and thought about how there's a REAL person on the end of every post, email and online comment, the world would be a different place. So, be kind to someone today, because you just never know. Wave your classy hotness in the world's face and let the trifling bitches ruin themselves all on their own.

**BTW, that pic is my reaction to life in general at the moment. I hope it made you smile. If not, then maybe this will...


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