Bryant is free for the first time ever


Book 1: Undefeated

Bryant Smith, co-owner of Smith Brother's fight club, has dedicated his life to fighting and
the community. When the money used to finance his charitable project goes missing, he knows that it is an inside job. Reluctant to involve the police, he hires private detective Parker Wilson to go undercover as a self-defense coach to help him catch a thief.

Parker served in the military with Bryant's brother Walt and she jumps at the chance to help
a friend.

Immediate attraction coupled with close proximity has sparks flying when the pair team up
and things heat up as danger closes in. Clashing cultures, a meddling mother, and several sexy suspects makes "Bryant" a battle you don't want to miss.


Opening the door to his room, Bryant tossed his bag in, before taking off in pursuit. He found them at the hotel pool in an all-out war of water guns and dunking. Parker pulled herself over the edge. Collapsing there, her arms rose in surrender.
“I’m out, boys.”
Bryant buried his hands in his pockets, moving to stand over her. Parker’s scantily clad body allowed him to see the scars left behind from the same attack that almost stole his brother. Even though they in no way took away from her beauty, he was still surprised by her. Any other woman would’ve done anything to keep them hidden. Not Parker. She wore them proudly, as she should.
“I thought you had plans this weekend.”
Her eyes were slightly unfocused, but she smiled at his statement. “I do. Walt invited me two weeks ago.” She held two fingers in the air.
A sneaking suspicion began to grow. “Are you having fun?” He had an idea about exactly how much fun she was having, but he was interested to see if she would admit it.
Parker nodded. Her hair moved in time with her head where she’d not bothered to lift it from the pavement. “Your mom said, 'Have you ever tasted a Jell-O shot?' I said, 'No, but it sounds delightful,' and she said, 'Well, then you have to try one.' So I did, and you know what?”
“What?” Bryant asked, smiling at her obvious inebriation.
“It was great. You know what else?”
“I had a second one, and it was even better.” Her voice rising with each word.
Bryant stated the obvious. “I’m guessing you didn’t stop at two.”
“Nope,” she said, confirming his thoughts. Spreading her arms out wide beside her, Parker added. “I had this much.”
He smothered a laugh. “All of that, huh?”
“Yep. Did you know you have the most beautiful eyes I‘ve ever seen on a man?” she asked, squinting up at him.
Bending, he scooped her into his arms. “Come on. Which room is yours?”
Parker wrapped her arms around his neck, peering around them as if seeing the hotel for the first time. A line appeared between her brows. It was adorable. Seeming to give up on figuring out where she was at, Parker threw her head back, and yelled. “Walt! What’s our room number?”
Walt’s voice rumbled from somewhere behind him. “Thirty-six.”
“You’re sharing a room with Walt?” Bryant asked, incredulous.
Parker shrugged. “It has two beds.”
He tried drumming up several responses. In the end, he could only think of one.
“Like hell.”

There was no way he was allowing her to stay with any other man, even if it was his brother.

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