No Limits **ARC Review**

When Harlequin sent me an ARC of Lori Fosters' No Limits, I was overjoyed. I opened my email, and lit up from the inside.

I requested a copy when I saw that it involved an SBC fighter, since that's been my favorite of her series. THEN, I realized it was Cannon and Yvette's story from the Love Undercover series, and it was on.

Let me refresh your memory, Cannon and Yvette had SO much chemistry in the Love Undercover series.

Cannon thought she was too young and something horrible happened to her. She ran off to California, while Cannon chased his career. Now, Yvette's grandfather has passed on, and in his will, he's hatched a plan to do some beyond the grave matchmaking. Close proximity can be one hell of a motivation, and when two people already have a spark, WOW!! Get ready to fan your face. 

Oh, and let me add, then his friends show up....

I want every new character I met to have their own book. There's hot fighters and Yvette's awesome friend from California. **5 Happy Sighs**