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I'm happy to announce Undefeated and The Sexy & The Undead are both finalist for 2014 Readers' Favorite awards. Undaunted and Claimed by Sin are finalist for a 2014 Golden Ankh. Any time something wonderful happens in my writing career, it makes me want to get personal and tell y'all how much I love y'all. Not to mention, it makes me want to tell you how much my books mean to me.

Let's start with Undefeated. It has been the biggest surprise of all my books. I love it. It came from a dark place inside me. It's the book that has the most of me in it, even going as far as having a personal experience from my life inside. I'll let you try to guess which it is ;-) Never in my wildest dreams did I think people would react as they have to it. I thought only my family would read it. For some reason, it's been the one people have reached out to me over the most. Thank you for loving my hardened fighters as much as I have.

The Sexy & The Undead is the opposite side of the spectrum. I wrote the first in the series coming off the depression of ending my "Sinners" series. It was heartbreaking saying good bye to characters who had been with me for so long. In response, I wrote what I feel is my funniest to-date story. Ella, Samuel, Tam and Freddie kept me roaring with laughter. I know my neighbors think I'm insane and way too many times I caught myself laughing in the grocery store when I thought up a new situation for the group of crazy super-naturals. Only God knows how happy it makes me to know it has brought joy to readers. I understand not everyone who reads my books will love me. Those of you who do love my books, you've made every exposure of my soul worth it. Every bad review and doubt I've suffered--you're worth it. If I gave you an escape from the harshness of life, for even a second, then it's all been worth it.

Undaunted and Claimed by Sin are new titles. There's no way I could've guessed they'd fly straight into the award-receiving category. How do I express the level in which I'm blown away by that? There aren't enough thank yous in the world. {{HUGS}}


  1. Really thrilled to be connected on Twitter..amazing world you live in...I would love to write about my wonderful and beautiful experiences too, but have cold feet...hope to be able soon... Thank you.

    1. Nice to meet you. I didn't show anyone my writing for years. Without my husband pushing me, I would never have sought a publisher. Good luck and give it a shot. You never know :-D


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