Play by @KylieScottBooks is uber-freaking awesome

"Only Pumpkin is allowed to objectify me"

5 stars all the way!! 
When Anne Rollins comes home to find her roommate has skipped out on her, taking most the furniture and all the money she owes Anne along with her, Anne thinks she's hit rock bottom. She's 8 days away from possible eviction with no idea how to fix her life. In comes Mal Ericson, drummer for Stage Dive. Mal is the rock star Anne had plastered all over her walls as a teenager and when she meets him at a party hilarity ensues. Mal needs someone who can pretend to love him for a little while and Anne's "crazy eyes" is the perfect fit. Enlisting the help of Anne's neighbor he moves into Anne's home while she's at work. To say the least, Anne is surprised by the sudden change in her home, but Mal has a charm and business deal she can't resist.

In Kylie Scott's "Play", two people with personal demons to fight will come together for the most kick-butt "Stage Dive" book thus far. I laughed so freaking hard reading this story. Mal is an outrageous mess you can't help but fall in love with. When you find out the truth behind their deal, your heart will shatter. Lick was my pick for best book of 2013 and it looks as if Play will be my pick for 2014. Bravo, Kylie Scott!

Now, for some of my favorite quotes:

""We've broken my bed," I said, stating the obvious. "In battle, sacrifices must be made, pumpkin.""

"Dicks did stuff. Mysterious stuff, like getting hard for no reason."

""Pumpkin, I'm always serious when it comes to you. Even when I'm messing around, I'm still serious as shit. Whatever you need, whatever I have to do. It's been that way since we met.""