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I'm here today interviewing Michael Lorde’s Character, Kenter Pache,  from Tolomay’s World.

Q:  Thank you Kenter for being here for this interview. 
A:  Sure.

Q:  So during most of Tolomay’s World series, you’re actually living in the future of our Earth, is that right?
A:  Everything from this moment on is the future, but actually me and Leth were living at the pods at the beginning of the writings.  We were slotted to swim just days afterwards.  I was the first... the first male to go through the Pool of Light.  I was first after Tolomay’s team swam.  Then, yes, after that we swam into the purity of the clean world.

Q:  So what is it like in the future?  
A:  Which future time do you mean?  At the pods, or in the clean world?

Q:  Sorry, yeah, well, both.
A:  The pods are easy living, but the fear’s always there.  You know, because of the end. 

Q:  You mean the end of mankind?
A: Yes.

Q:  Sorry, okay, so what were the pods like?  I imagine everything was in ruins that close to the end.
A.  Not at at all.  Not at the pods.  There were the two flare incidents, but otherwise it was still safe, sterile, climate controlled.  Everything’s controlled there.  It’s all very modern.  We were surrounded by technology.  But technology cannot save the Earth.  Nothing but the Earth can do that.  In comparison, in the future clean world there’s nothing but life.  But life is most important, as you know, as all know this about life... its importance.  For it is what all strive for, to live well as a community, to survive as mankind, for peace of life.

Q:  In your community that’s what you were all taught from birth, living well, treating others in the community with respect, is that right?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Okay, so life in the future of Earth, which is called the Clean World... is it technical there, too?
A:  There is no technology in the clean world.  
Q:  None?
A: None.  The clean world is where it all began again, mankind, at the heart of nature in its purest form.  We will do things right there.  We will not destroy that which feeds and shelters us.
Q: That's a very good plan.  So, if we can be honest, how did you feel about the swim?  You must have been anxious having only Lethia with you when you went through. 
A:  No.  I was not.  I waited my whole life to swim, dreamed about it from when I was a young male.  I mean, I have friends back there, and the community, yes, that part was the worst, but I have no regrets for it.  It was the greatest honor and I never wanted to stay at the pods.  I really needed to be the first, then.  That feeling was close to all consuming.  And I knew I would find that heat I dreamed of in the clean world.  It’s there....and the air...the plants, the sky...it’s indescribable.  The water tastes of life itself.

Q:  What were the air and water like at the pods?  How was it different than in the clean world?
A:  You're a jokester, right?
Q:  No, I'm serious.
A:  You’ve obviously never drank mulicycled water. 
Q:  No.
A:  Not the charcoal kind, but the sandsteel version?
Q:  Neither. We don't have that yet.
A:  It shows.  If you had drank either, you would not have asked the question.  Those two waters, the ones in the pods and the ones in the clean world, are as different as honey is to mud.  The consistency might be the same, but no, they’re nothing alike.  And at the pods, the air was recycled too, so, how do I describe this, it’s like it had no life to it.  Like no ‘body of air’ existed at the pods even thought we breathed freely.  We did not notice because we did not know any different.  It was normal for us then.  But, after arriving in the clean world life was screaming from all around us, in the air, the plant life, the water, even the rain.  It felt like you couldn’t take a single breathe without thinking about how awesome it was, like being in a dream state all the time, but it was overwhelming, like I was waiting to wake up so my senses could take a break from reality for a moment or two.  Still, I was grateful the ancients had not succeeded in killing off Earth, though they seemed forceful in their goal of it.   

Q:  So it sounds like adjusting to the new environment was stressful back then? 
A:  Between being overwhelmed by all that and all that constant chatterbox training that Tolomay was doing... well, and the testosterone jump, too.  It was a lot to take in.  Yes, there was heat behind my words at times, but then it was unavoidable.  It happens to the males who come through. 

Q:  So it all made you angry?  Is that what you’re saying?
A:  I had little control over my environment.  I was injured as you know, when I first came through, so yes I was angry, useless.  And then, well, not used to being bossed around by a know-it-all who always happens to be right about everything, and strong minded, strong hearted, stubborn... and beautiful.  That was much to try on.  But I was a kid, then, really.  I hadn’t sorted things yet, so yes, it was the best and worst times of my life.

Q:  Well how are things now?  Are you adjusted... with the anger, and the testosterone, I mean?
A:  Yes.  It settled long ago.  They really did not prepare us well for that.  I do not think they knew what would happen.  But, it only lasts a couple of mooncycles, three tops and that was over a year ago.  A lot has happened since. 

Q:  So a month is called a mooncycle.  I see.  Alright, well, I’d like to ask one more question before I let you get back to what you were doing.  Actually that’s what I want to ask.  What were you doing before I brought you here for this interview?
A:  I’m marking out plans in the dirt with Lethia for a gowa.  We really should begin work soon.  We need to finish before even more happens.
Okay, well, thank you, Kenter, for taking the time to be  here.  You know you are the first character interview I’ve done from those in Tolomay’s World.  I guess that makes you first, eh?

Later in the day~

Hi Everyone... SO Kenter brought Lethia with him this time. (I hear she is very tender hearted, so I’m glad she could deal with the emotional side of making the trip to their ‘ancient’ world- our world.)

Q: Hi Lethia, it’s so nice to finally meet you in person.
L: Peace of Life.
Q: Uh, yes, to you, too. That’s a form of greeting? But doesn’t it mean ‘travel well’ or something along those lines?
K: No. It’s farewell, or hello, but stronger, as if to bestow goodness upon your strength of life. A well-wishing.
Q: Ah, okay. Then peace of life to both of you. So Lethia, you and Kenter are twins. Who is oldest?
L: He is, according to birth time.
Q: So what was is like growing up with a brother in the pod community. I mean, the children were birthed from labs, right? Not many had siblings. Is that correct?
L: Many have twins. There are many twins at the pod. It has to do with chemicals used in the process of artificially induced fertilization.
Q: Oh, okay, so there are many twins, but who raises the children at the pod? I read that they are raised by the community as a whole.
K: Not entirely. Several parents a year are given privilege to adopt a pod child and raise them.
L: Not twins, though, no one is allowed two children, but we have one another. We do not need a parent. My brother has me, and I him.
Q: Yes, and I understand you are very close.
L: We are.
Q: So I’m wondering what you might say to readers about what it’s like in Tolomay’s World, the Pool of Light novel, in the clean world, I mean.
L: Well, it’s very large in the clean world, because there is no pod community and there is the outside to contend with, which is breathtaking and pleasant, other than the beasts.
Q: You’re referring to the animals.
L: Yes, the creatures.
Q: Surely there were animals in the pod community.
L: Not really.
K: Crabs.
L: Well, yes, there were crabs for the elders, and the skip mice, but they are very small and contained in vats for food. They are not like real beasts in the clean world sneaking around waiting to eat us.
Q: So you don’t like animals, Lethia?
L: I love Carmella. She is small and she doesn’t brag teeth at us. She likes to be coddled. She doesn’t growl or chase.
Q: Ah, so it’s a size and teeth issue.
L: Yes. I mean, they’re beasts. They’re terrifying.
K: She is always concerned for our safety around them. But, I’m solving that problem.
Q: Cool, okay so what else do you find different in the clean world, Lethia?
L: The hillhouse looks nothing like the pods. The buildings here will not be as immaculate, I think. But the clean world is still perfect, a place to be cherished and loved. It is glorious. Tolomay is right to love it so much. Everything is different here than at the pods, not one thing the same, except my brother. But really, even he seems different here. Earth’s gifts are glorious. Here there are real feathers, oh, and wonderful creatures names butterflies. They are as purity itself. And the food, it tastes of things one could never imagine. I could eat all day.
K:We do eat all day, Leth.
Q: but it must be hard work living in the clean world. I mean, you’re living in the wilderness, right? That takes a lot of work and Tolomay’s Gowa is very small, right? There’s barely enough room for the three of you to sit and eat?
L: Tolomay’s Gowa?
Q: Her house.
L: It is a hillhouse, not a Gowa.
K: Definitely not. People in this time do not understand Gowas at all, Leth.
Q: Ah, hillhouse, sorry.
L: But it is larger than you suggest. There is ample sleeping and sitting space for us within the hillhouse until we build more space.
Q: The basic fact, though, is that you are all just out in nature day and night with no technology in sight?
K: Yes. Unfortunately.
Q: You don’t like nature?
K: What? Who would not like nature?
Q: Okay, right, sorry, don’t know what I was thinking. Why do you say unfortunately?
K: Because if I could find the metals and glasses the ancients buried for us, I could make solar power, of course. We need it.
L: He’s very upset about this.
K: Leth.
L: Well it’s truth. He can’t use his training in mechanics and metallurgy to create useful items for the new community without the metals and glass. But I know we will find it at some point and he will do what he was trained to do. He will be able to fulfill his life’s purpose.
Q: SO life’s purpose is extremely important in your culture?
L: Only life matters more and the two are connected.
Q: okay, that is really deep and something to think about.
Q: Okay, I’m wondering if we can talk about Tolomay for a minute, while you're both here.
K: No.
Q: I’m sorry?
L: No, he won’t talk to you about her. Neither will I.
K: If you want to interview her, you will have to do it yourself. I cannot help you there.
Q: Okay. Alright then, I will try to find her then.
K: Good luck.
Q:Thank you so much for bringing Lethia here to meet me, Kenter. I hope you both have a safe swim home and ‘peace of life’.

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  1. Thank you so much for inviting my character onto your page today, Charity. I really appreciate the shout out and hope folks will enjoy Tolomay's World, my epic romance series. I presently have my head planted in the pages of book 4. :-)


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