Their love was legendary...and forbidden

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Copyright © 2013 Charity Parkerson

From Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson:

Their love was legendary, cursed, and forbidden.

The fates conspired to keep them apart, but destiny will bring them together again... When one of their own becomes the target of a demon bent on revenge, the Society will do anything to keep her safe, including stealing a God from the Heavens. Heru, son of Geb, once sold his soul to forget her, and now he'll give anything to keep her safe.
Gods and Demons collide in the final installment of Charity Parkerson's award-winning "Sinners" series.
"I don't think it gets any better than this."--Dennis Waller 

Warning: This book contains explicit sex scenes that are not intended for readers under 18.


Marissa’s eyes shot open, and for a moment the fear that it had all been a dream left her paralyzed, but the warmth of Heru’s hip touching hers calmed her racing heart. He was sitting up, but he had not moved away from her side, and she’d never been more thankful for anything. The moonlight streaming through the nearby window seemed to hold him in thrall, leaving Marissa full reign to feast on the muscled expanse of his back. A back riddled with scars. Deep white lines and raised ridges crisscrossed every single inch of skin. She was amazed that she had not felt them earlier, but her mind had been fogged with lust. Her heart ached at the thought of what he must have endured over the years.
“Gods don’t scar,” she said as she slid her hand along his spine.
She felt his shrug. “The fallen ones do.”
Running her fingers over the longest one, Marissa heard the question fall from her lips before she could stop it from happening. “What was it like when you first came here?” She had time to grow and adjust, but he had been thrust into the mortal realm without any warning.
Heru glanced back over his shoulder at her and his golden gaze seemed to glimmer in the otherwise darkened room. “You don’t want to know this,” he told her quietly.
“You’re right; I don’t,” she admitted. “But, I think that I need to know.”
Heru looked away. “It was cold,” he answered, and Marissa almost stopped him then. It was the worst sort of fate for a star. She held her tongue and Heru continued without showing an ounce of emotion. “My body shook uncontrollably from it and I thought that I would never be warm again. I raged and screamed. I called my father’s name and begged for help. Several times I tried swimming as far out into the Sea as I could, hoping I could reach you and hoping that I’d drown when I could not. I spent several weeks simply staring at the horizon until my eyes were so dry that they felt like they were filled with shards of glass, but I didn’t want to miss spotting you there.”
She felt sick. Squeezing her eyes closed against the pain, she forced herself to remain quiet in fear that he wouldn’t tell her the rest, and when he paused, she wondered if he would. With her fingers pressed against his back, she felt him take a steadying breath and when he began speaking once more, he didn’t sound as lifeless. “When I finally accepted that I would never see you again, I became truly desperate, and drew a pentagram in the sand. I just wanted to forget,” he admitted. A tear slid from the corner of her eye, and as if he felt the tear fall, Heru whipped around to face her.
“I’m sorry,” Marissa said.
In a motion almost too quick for the eye, Heru threw a leg over her hips, straddling her body, boxing her in with his arms, and pinning her to the bed with the sheet.
“Why?” Heru asked on a growl.
The look of anger on Heru’s face made her want to turn her head, but she held his gaze steady, refusing to back down. “You know why,” she whispered.
“Do you regret loving me?” he demanded.
Marissa shook her head. “You know that I could never.”
“You said that this is your twenty-eighth life. Do you remember each one?”
Marissa nodded in answer.
“You suffered each day alone while I chose to forget. You willingly left all that you knew behind for an uncertain life; so I ask again, why are you sorry?”
More tears burned for release, but Marissa refused to let them fall. “You know why,” she repeated.
“Perhaps you should refresh my memory. And may the Gods have mercy on you should you decide to confess regretting me,” he added, sounding angrier than she’d ever heard him sound before.
 “Because I wished for your heart,” she admitted.

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