The Sugar Ticket with @Susanjeanricci

**Book Review** After reading (and loving) the first book, Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, I couldn't wait to delve into The Sugar Ticket. Cindy and Joe have moved past the woes and trials of an insecure relationship into the sure knowledge of a secure marriage...or have they? As anyone who's been married knows, there's no such thing as an easy beginning, but when you add in this couple's baggage, the real fun begins. In the first book, I fell in love--and laughed out loud--alongside Joe and Cindy. In book two, I cheered for them to find their footing...and laughed out loud. It took me a while of reading to figure out why these books have appealed to me so much, besides the fact I love a good sense of humor. By the time I finished The Sugar Ticket, I finally figured it out. Susan Jean Ricci's writing reminds me of Jennifer Crusie. Check this series out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.