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Serena’s Decision (The Torn Series: Book 3)


Max confessed his indiscretion, despite their contract stating their open relationship. Can she get beyond wanting more from him? Or will her heart lead her to another? Will she continue to want even a Dom/sub relationship? Can she finally expose her past?

Let's see where Serena's heart leads here in this final book in the series.

About the series:

This series is about a young Serena who has found Max, or perhaps he found her, and they have embarked on journey that I like to describe as funishment. It is definitely within the realm of BDSM, however the main recurring theme is spanking.

“Master-bation, At Sir’s Command (The Torn Series: Book 1)” focus’s mainly on the namesake in the beginning, however the scenes develop throughout the book. The reason behind the self-learning is to help Serena and Max learn what she likes and can tolerate.

“Sir’s Deception (The Torn Series: Book 2)” showcases both of their desires building for each other, however it seems neither wants to admit it. Mykel is introduced, a friend of Max’s. Also some element of danger creeps in for Serena. While Max goes to a convention and you decide is he unfaithful or not, despite his open relationship clause.

“Serena’s Decision (The Torn Series: Book 3)” Serena meets another man, Glen. He’s about her age, muscled and has been pining over her for about 2 years. She relents and goes out with him and Max see’s her at the club.

Excerpt at the club with Serena and Glen:

“Come on, mister dancer.” She flirted and tugged on his shirt. Still feeling Max’s presence or perhaps that was wishful thinking. She jumped and bounced around with Glen, grinding on his legs and crotch.
He slid his hands over her hips and grabbed her fleshy ass, as her bottom seared and his lips entangled with hers, something happened.
Her arousal floated up. She clenched his biceps hard as the heat within her core intensified. The hoppy flavor from his beer, mingled with the honeydew sweetness within her own mouth. She continued to rub her pussy on his hardened erection on the dance floor, now masked in flashing neon lights and a sea of people.
“Oh god!” she screamed pulling from the lip lock, as the orgasm rushed over her and her head flopped back.
Glen reached out and caught her in his arm. “Serena, are you ok?” he pulled her limp body up to himself.
She grinned. “Yes…oh yes. Let’s go back to your place,” she said, clutching him breathlessly.
He helped her into the cold leather seat of his Xterra, tucking her jacket around her bare legs and cranking up the heat. “Are you going to tell me what happened in there?”
“You don’t know?” she asked coyly.
He glanced over at her from the driver seat.
“You gave me an orgasm…on the dance floor.”
“W-what?” He laughed. I did not. He touched his pants and realized they were a bit damp. “God damn,” he whispered.
She leaned over and ran her hand over the crotch of his pants, making him groan. “Should I start now?”
“No, Serena. Wait ‘til we get there. I want to see all of your beautiful body. Spoil you.” He grinned.

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About the Author
Suzy Ayers is a Bestselling Author of "Sara's Awakening" in Fantasy (Metaphysical/Visionary). She has multiple Erotica titles that have also been in the Amazon Bestseller lists within the free categories.
Her main focus is Romance, which crosses many genres including: Erotica, Fantasy and coming soon Paranormal. Her short stories and books twist into happily-for-now or happily-ever-after's.
Suzy attempts to write in a manner that pulls you into the erotic event and paints an explicit scene of lust and passion. Her purpose of expressing it in this manner is that she believes that sex and love are intertwined and are healthy expressions of the human heart. Her writing depicts true to life characters with flaws and showcases that the world is sometimes sad; people are not one dimensional shells. We somehow become stronger and this to her is beautiful.