Flesh...of the male variety

Hot Flesh...of the male variety.
Daniel the loner, Finn the former cop and Ali the chick...in between. Oh yeah, it's like that after the apocalypse. Bet you never thought you'd be hoping for zombies, you will be after reading this book. Kylie Scott's books are always hilarious and oh-so-hot! Flesh is no exception. The men are sigh-worthy and the banter will keep you laughing. Not once, during reading this book, did I think, "That so wouldn't happen during the zombie apocalypse."
One of the common factors in this author's books-- that always draws me in-- is that things are not brushed under the carpet. However, it's done in a humorous way. Let's be honest, civilization is dying out...people are NOT showering on a regular basis, this is an issue. I'm not a fan of zombies, but I am a fan of Kylie Scott and this book was amazing. I'm picking up the next one in the series right away. Quit reading this review and go get yours.