Love the Sinner by @AvrilAsh

Love the Sinner by Avril Ashton

I seriously loved this book. Gabriel and Angelo are so in love but they're polar opposites. Angelo was deliciously wicked. **Fans face** Gabriel has never been attracted to another man before, but there’s no denying the lust that hits him the moment he meets Angelo. On opposite sides of the law, their affair seems doomed from the very beginning, but love isn’t suppressed as easily as all that. The author’s ability to capture human emotion won me from the first pages. The clash of what we want against what’s considered right plays out in every line.  

Okay, for my favorite quote:

"Kiss me," he whispered. Because he was addicted.
There was all this sizzle between the two men, I was engrossed. I sat down thinking I would only read a few pages, and ending up sitting there until I made it to the very end. This is book is so hot, I think I need to slip the author a $20.