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This month I'm showcasing several Ellora's Cave authors. Today, I am honored to have Dena Garson with me. Check out her title Ghostly Persuasion....

Ghostly Persuasion
By Dena Garson
Release Date: July 12, 2013
ISBN:  9781419947278


Part of the Emerald Isle Fantasies series
When American-born Katie takes her mother’s ashes home to Ireland, she finds hunky but spellbound Seamus loitering in her suite at Castle Tullamore. Seamus is surprised Katie can see and hear him because he was turned into a spirit three hundred years earlier. He acts as her personal tour guide, not only showing her the historical sights but introducing her to voyeurism and a variety of other carnal delights. As frustrating as it is not to be able to touch each other, they push the limits as far as possible.
Katie is determined to help Seamus break the spell cast on him by the wife of a previous lord, a woman he refused to take as a lover. With help from a few castle ghosts and the local witch, the two of them aim to free him and find a way to be together in the flesh.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


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Copyright © DENA GARSON, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

When she sank into the steamy bath she sighed with pleasure.

Now this she could get used to very quickly.

Katie allowed her thoughts to drift and float where they wanted. Some of them were based in reality, like what she would need to do about finding a roommate when she returned home. The others were nowhere near being real. Her mind strayed to the idea that a hunky Irishman showed up in her room and offered to rub away all her aches and pains. He, of course, would know exactly where to touch her and would want nothing more than to spend all day and night pleasuring her.

Then, after making love to her multiple times, he would declare his undying devotion to her.

She snorted to herself. Yeah right. And maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt too.

It was a lovely thought however. Especially the part where she had three orgasms before leaving the bathroom. Twice in the tub and once while bent over the vanity counter. Her fantasy man was extremely talented.

Katie sighed as she stepped out of the tub. It was too bad no such man existed outside of Jenny’s beloved romance novels.

As she dried off she thought about her last few boyfriends. None of them had created that special spark she felt should have been there. As much as she cared for her last boyfriend Alan, she was glad now that he had panicked and broken up with her right before their college graduation. It hurt at the time but, looking back, it had been the right thing.

She hadn’t told Alan about her “gift”. That alone should have been a big indicator the relationship wasn’t going to work. If she didn’t feel comfortable enough confiding that information, something had definitely been missing.

After rubbing some lotion on, she slipped into a clean pair of boyshorts and pulled a t-shirt over her head. With her hair wrapped in a towel, she padded out to the bedroom. As soon as she had a clear view of the four-poster bed she skidded to a stop, stunned by the sight of a strange man lounging against the headboard.

“Excuse me, but what are you doing?” Katie demanded.

The man continued to stare up at the ceiling with his hands behind his head as if he hadn’t heard her. He appeared to be deep in thought.

Katie was distracted from her irritation by the sight of his wide shoulders. Her mouth went dry as she ogled the stranger. Even through the linen shirt she could see he did more than computer programming or living a life of luxury. He had a rugged look to him that said he knew how to work with his hands and his body. Her eyes were drawn to the patch of bare skin exposed by the open V of his shirt then down to the waistband of his trousers. His tan pants looked as if they were part of a period costume but fit his long, muscular legs nicely.

The way he was lounging on her bed with his legs spread across the coverlet made her think that he had no plans to leave anytime soon.

She mentally shook herself back to the situation. There was a man, although a very masculine and, well, let’s face it, a downright yummy man, in her room. She didn’t know him and she certainly hadn’t invited him in.

“Uh, hello?” she said a little louder, trying to position herself behind the nearest chair, hoping to hide the fact that she was wearing very few clothes.

The man didn’t even twitch.

“Hey! You there.” Katie watched the man closely, looking for any kind of response but his only response was a slight twitch in one foot. “Can you hear me?”

Either the man was deaf or he had earphones in. His reddish-blond hair was tied back, letting her see there were no cords hanging down, but it was possible he had a wireless device. She hated to draw attention to herself given her lack of clothing but didn’t believe she had another option since her cell phone was sitting on the bedside table right next to the hotel phone.

She checked the area around her for something to toss onto the bed. If she could get the man’s attention she’d simply point out he was in the wrong room and he needed to leave. There were a few breakable trinkets on the bookshelf behind her along with, obviously, books. She spotted a small metal dish within reach. Since she wasn’t sure how valuable any of the items were, she opted for the item least likely to break.

The bed was only fifteen or twenty feet away so Katie figured she could Frisbee the dish onto the bed, maybe even make it land right next to the man. That should be enough to get his notice.

“Hey, Mr. Hunky Irishman! You need to get out of my room!” Katie said in a much louder voice. Still no response.

Okay. Katie stepped to the side of the tall-backed chair so she could leverage the dish properly. Here goes nothing.

The tarnished silver dish sailed across the span and landed on the foot of the bed as she planned. Thanks to the flat, smooth bottom, the dish skimmed across the bedspread and into the man lying on the bed.

Into the man. She blinked mutely.

Not up next to him.

Not bounced off.

Into the man.

Katie gaped at him, unsure of what she was seeing. He looked real. He appeared to be corporeal. He didn’t have the hazy, semi-transparent body that she associated with most spirits. But the dish had passed through him.

What the hell was he then?

As she stared, he turned his head and looked at her. Their eyes met. Katie’s chest ached at the loneliness she saw in the depths of his gaze. Before she realized what she was doing she had stepped around the chair and was moving toward him.

He sat up suddenly and asked, “You can see me, can’t you?”

His native accent lent even more appeal to his deep, baritone voice. Even though she heard the faint echoey sound she associated with spirits, she had a very physical reaction. This was one of those rare men she would gladly listen to as he read stereo instructions.

Katie gave a slight, hesitant nod. She didn’t like revealing her gift but figured her face and her reactions had already given her away.

The man jumped up and crossed the room quicker than she’d anticipated. With a squeak of alarm she darted behind the chair when he came to stand right in front of her.

“Who are you? And what are you doing in my room?” she demanded, pulling her courage around her like a cloak.

“Ah, lass, you have nothing to fear from me.” He spread his hands out in front of him in a placating manner.

“I’ll be the judge of that, thank you very much.”

He tipped his head. “I apologize for startling you. It’s been a good many years since someone other than the local specters could see or hear me. My excitement got the better of me.”

“Yeah, well…” Katie stammered. “I can kinda understand that.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “So, who are you?”

“Seamus MacDonhnaill.” He made a short bow. “Formerly of the County Donegal MacDonhnaills.”

“Formerly? Does that mean you got kicked out of that county or that family?”

He chuckled. The deep, rich sound sent ripples of warmth down to her core.

“Neither, actually.” He cocked his head to one side and regarded her. “I have simply considered myself a resident of Tullamore Castle for some time now.”

“Ah.” The way he said resident make Katie think he did more than live here. She cleared her throat nervously. “I, uh… I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I’m not comfortable standing here talking with someone I don’t know when I’m only half-dressed.”
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Dena Garson loves to read romance—the hotter the better. When one of her BFFs said “one of us should be writing this stuff”, she took up the challenge. If she isn’t writing, she’s designing jewelry but somehow she still manages to make it into the office on a regular basis.


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