The desire nearly brought me to my knees...

“It was a yearning, a craving so intense that the desire nearly brought me to my knees. There was a flavor heavy on my tongue. I savored the temptation. It tasted like Gideon.”

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Copyright © 2013 Charity Parkerson

--Warning: This book contains graphic depictions of sexual activity including oral sex and masturbation. It is intended for mature audiences not offended by explicit representations of sexual activity between consenting adults.

Gideon looked down at his soiled shirt and winced before tugging it over his head, leaving his chest bare. He tossed the shirt in the general direction of the living room, but Skylar didn’t bother to look in order to see where it landed. Her gaze was locked onto his body and she was making a valiant attempt not to swallow her tongue. God had obviously been in a very good mood the day he created Gideon, she thought as she sent up kudos to God.
Skylar had no clue what his better idea was, but she liked it already.
“I think we should have sex.”
Skylar felt like a deer in headlights and the only thing she could think to say was, “Why?”
The look he gave her at the question was priceless. It was a mixture of confused, surprised, and amused, as if he anticipated every reaction in the world but the one she gave. If she was being honest, her response surprised her too. If she could have envisioned this moment, she was sure she would have been jumping on his back and dry humping him before he knew what hit him.
“What do you mean why?” he asked, but without waiting for an answer, he said, “Because you’re beautiful and I want you. Because we’re both adults and you want me too.”
She couldn’t call him a liar.
Gideon linked his fingers behind his head, scrubbing it hard as if the frustration was becoming too much. Skylar’s mouth watered in response. Every line of his stomach flexed and hardened at the motion. She couldn’t look away. Something almost animalistic grew inside of her as she stared at his body. He belonged to her, damn it, and she would not give him up. She was the one who drooled over him and fantasized about him at night. Other women might do the same, but she was willing to bet all her worldly possessions that no one wanted him as badly as she did. Maybe he was out of her league and most likely he would ruin her for all other men, but by God, he’d remember her fondly, and then she would take those memories to keep her warm at night after he was gone.

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