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Have you ever felt moved to say something not because you're angry but because you can't believe the ridiculousness of what you're seeing? I felt that way today.
A friend of mine sent me a message informing me she'd ran across some website that's sole purpose is to bash others and I was a topic there. I headed over, took a look at it, and decided I didn't care. After telling her as much, I stopped to think it over. Do I really care? No. I stand by it. I do, however, feel as if I should say this:
I have so much work to do all day every day that sometimes I feel defeated in the face of it all, and while some might be quick to lash out over something like this, all I can think is, how sad are these people's lives? Here I am feeling sick to my stomach because I have so much to do I don't know where to start, and these people have nothing. I mean, seriously? If you've taken the time/money to create a website for the purpose of spreading hate and/or you spend all day long on that site spreading hate...I'm wowed. You really have NOTHING else? You can't volunteer at a soup kitchen or go read to critically ill children? pathetic.


  1. Sorry to read this first this bright almost-Fall day . . . life gets better and a negative opinion, especially from people unknown, is not to be given energy or weighed in any significant manner. I love a saying from someone who moved here from India: Don't let someone else shite inside your head and fester . . . I am a huge worrier about small stuff but have learned over the last two publishing-leap years not to take anything personally. Hard to do, but I get to that point since I am not in control and wouldn't want to be. Love and the best light from zippy and kipling.

    1. Aww, thanks sweetie. Much love to you, zippy, and kipling. I'm seriously not bothered at all. Bring on the free advertisement :-D

  2. I use to collect those... Good times... As you said, free advertisement :)

  3. I'm with you. It always amazes me why people would want to spend their time being so mean. The world would be a much better place if people used their time in a more constructive way. Hugs!


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