Pics of my booksigning at #ScareFest6 #TrueBlood

It always takes me a couple of days to catch up on all the work I've fallen behind on, after an event, but I wanted to do this for the fun of it. 
**ScareFest Highlights**
--Meeting the cast of TrueBlood
* Sam Trammell and Jim Parrack are every bit as hot in person.
* Rutina Wesley serenaded me, and made my day!
--They have really awesome alcohol at their costume party
*thank God they also deliver pizza at 1am
--I did end up hitting a few people with my wand.
*There also MIGHT have been a few veiled threats of tazing, but I never had to.
--At least 3 men screamed, "Hell yes I want a fruit roll-up" at me.
--BeetleJuice told everyone that I grabbed his ass.
--A surprising amount of people actually knew who I was, lol!


  1. Looks like fun! Would love to have met the True Blood men :) Thanks for sharing them!

    1. I'm happy to. At least I didn't show out...or go to jail ;-)


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