The Wizard & The Wanton

The next book in my "Sexy Witches" series....The Wizard & The Wanton


A Fate lacking in inhibitions and the wizard who holds her powers in his grasp collide in the latest book in Bestselling Author Charity Parkerson’s “Sexy Witches” series. 
Out of the three Fates, Rowena is the wildest. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Now, she is in the biggest fix of all time. She’s lost one of Heaven’s Seers to the Devil, and she needs Randall’s help in order to find her.
Once upon a time, Rowena pulled Randall Cruz into a supernatural fight in order to regain her powers. In retaliation, Randall cast a spell that gave him the control she seeks. With the exception of a few angels, a zombie, and an outrageous pixie, Randall enjoyed his quiet life as owner of the local apothecary before Rowena pushed her way in. Since the day they met, he’s been forced to battle a pirate, give up wearing glasses, and now deal with the Devil. Every day, he braces for what will come next.

An undeniable attraction, a struggle for dominance, and a love to last through the ages comes to life in The Wizard & The Wanton.


“What do the cards say?” Rowena asked as she looked right, then left, keeping an eye out for a certain very tall gentleman.
She’d purposely chosen this outdoor cafĂ© because it was within sight of Cruz Apothecary. From where she sat, she could see the gold embossed words that scrolled across his door.
Lena made a tsk sound, drawing her attention back to the reason they were there. She couldn’t ask the Seer to read her cards in the Heavens where anyone could see, but she felt safe doing so in the mortal realm.
“It’s not that easy to read the cards of a Fate, Rowena,” Lena confessed, causing Rowena to snort.
“I know. That’s why I asked both of you to join me. It might take two Seers to be able to tell my future.”
Years earlier, Lena had been turned immortal due to her extraordinary abilities. She was one of the most powerful Seers in the world. She could see anything about anyone at the turn of the card. It seemed a waste to allow her life to expire in a handful of years when she could be useful to the gods for many centuries to come. The success they experienced with Lena caused Rowena’s sister Selena to add a second immortal Seer to the ranks, Harper Murphy. Harper’s ability was sensory. All she needed was a close proximity to read people’s feelings and catch their thoughts.
“As a side note,” Rowena added, wrestling her thoughts back on topic. “I love hearing you call me ‘Rowena.’ Everyone else calls me ‘Mistress Rowena.’” Well, not everyone, she silently confessed, but she wasn’t about to say that aloud.
It was Lena’s turn to snort. Keeping her eyes locked on the cards, she said, “No offense, but the only way that I’m calling you ‘Mistress’ is if you’re wearing all leather and I’m bracing to be spanked.”
“Wonderful!” Rowena cheered. “It’s a date, two weeks from Thursday.”
Lena’s head shot up, and she tucked her pink hair over her ear. She spent a moment searching Rowena’s features, as if trying to decide whether she was joking.
After a moment, a smile broke out over her face. “You’re on.”
At Lena’s answer, they both threw their heads back laughing while Harper merely smiled almost wistfully. A shadow fell over the table. Rowena’s laughter died instantly when she recognized the shadow’s owner. Randall Cruz had spotted her, after all. His tall, trim body had haunted her dreams for months and his intelligent eyes caused her stomach to do a girly flip. Damn, she loved a smart man. Many things faded as time passed, but intelligence only grew, and things that got bigger made her happy.

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