I don't have s**t

Yep. That's about it. As an author, I feel the constant pressure to have a blog up and running. Every article and workshop on publishing sings the praises of keeping up a constant flow of blog posts. I suck at it. I open up the blank page with the empty title box, and I have nothing.

So, I guess I'll share all my latest news and hope that people don't unfollow me for boring them. In an attempt to meet a deadline crush, it seems that I somehow managed to have three books releasing in the month of June. I haven't seen the cover for the first one. "Unbound Fantasies" which will be releasing June 12, 2013. Instead of posting a cover, I'll post a link to the publishing company's website and hopefully you'll check in with them to catch a glimpse http://www.fireflyandwispbooks.com/charity-parkerson.html

Next up. "The Pixie & The Prince"

Be careful what you wish for, or better yet, what you allow your friends to wish for.

As Samuel the Dark’s ward, Tam the Pixie is now living in the mortal realm under the watchful eye of her guardian angel, Thomas.

However, when she gives Thomas one free wish of his choosing, she never expects that he’ll use it to turn her life upside down.

Chained to the side of an ex-lover and trapped in the mirror lands, Tam will have to come to terms with their past in order to break the curse.

In Bestselling Author Charity Parkerson’s second installment of the “Sexy Witches” series, there will be secrets revealed and wishes fulfilled so don’t miss out.

Shortly after that, "Tasting Temptation"

Bestselling Author Charity Parkerson’s “Sexy Witches” series and her “Undefeated” series collide in Tasting Temptation.

Guardian Angel, Gideon Black has found a new career since being granted his freedom from the Heavens. Working as a professional fighter has given Gideon a place to release his powers. However, he has another outlet in mind, Skylar Jones.

For Skylar, Gideon is a fantasy man that she never dreamed could be a reality, but a parking lot collision will end in a very unexpected way. 

Find out what happens when desire beyond definition comes to life. 

That's it. I hope that y'all will check back for buy links once I have them. Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your continued support even when I don't have shit. 


  1. Hey, it's okay... I understand completely!! Have a great day anyway. :)


    1. LOL!! Thank you. I hope you're day is awesome, as well :-D


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