A sexy man,a steamy book, and a hot new look

After receiving some feedback on my title, "A Splash of Hope" I've decided to update its look. Check out the new cover.


Two years earlier, Faith Hope left her hometown vowing never to return, but when her sister leaves the town’s hottest bachelor standing at the altar and disappears, Faith is forced to face her past in order to find her.
With a little bit of luck, some devious planning, and a splash of hope, Faith may get her happily-ever-after whether she wants it or not.


Faith looked over in surprise at the man walking beside her. She hoped if she moved fast enough, she could make a clean getaway without ever having to speak to Adam. She should have known to wear lower heels. Adam kept his hands shoved in his pockets and his eyes shined brightly. He looked nice. That was the best word she could think of to describe him. His smile was friendly, and somehow even his brown hair gave off the impression that he was an affable person. She had hoped that her memories of him had become exaggerated over the years, but nope, he was everything that she remembered him to be. She wanted to kick herself. Whom was she kidding? He was every bit as sexy, dangerous, and way too appealing as ever.
“Hey,” she said back lamely, feeling like a jackass but refusing to slow her step.
“What’s the rush?” he asked, as he all but trotted to keep up with her. “Do you have another wedding to ruin today?”
Even though his words stung, Faith ruefully admitted that he had a right to his anger. However, he did not sound angry. He sounded almost cheerful, which brought her up short. “You were my only wedding, but I do have a full schedule today,” she admitted. “I still have to throw rocks at the homeless and trip an old lady in the park before I head off to find Serenity so that I can kick her ass.”
Adam was never one to miss a beat. “Why?”
“Somebody has to trip the old ladies, otherwise they might start to think no one cares,” she answered, deliberately misunderstanding. Adam rubbed his hand across the back of his neck, looking uncomfortable. Faith felt her shoulders sag in defeat.
He watched her in silence for a moment longer before blowing out a ragged sigh. “Tell Serenity to call me when you find her. Just so I know that she is alright, okay?” 

Faith nodded absently, watching as he walked away. She had never felt more tired in her life, and never had she wanted to throw her shoes at a man’s back more than she did in that moment.

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