The Age of Eroticism

Just erotic. Nothing kinky. It’s the difference between
using a feather and using a chicken.”

I my younger days I thought a bisexual had wheels and handlebars; that S&M was candy coated chocolate buttons; and sex was what potatoes came in … then, a few weeks ago, someone told me about erotica. I’m both honoured and diffident in my appreciation of Charity inviting me to blog and giving me the flexibility to respond (don’t jump to conclusions) in my own way.
After I joined Twitter last year I was followed by writers who proclaimed themselves “erotic”, erotic, e-r-o-t-i-c. Hmm, I thought, should I follow back? People might see who I’m following and think I’m a dirty-old-man. I’d much rather be a TOM or a typical-older-man; my definition is: a middle-aged or elderly man with still-functioning sexual inclinations. Do you have TOM’s in the USA or Canada? I hope so. Imagine my being the only white-haired man in the Western Hemisphere who still feels “urges” now and then. Anyhow, TOM is fine as one has to be careful how one uses the D-O-M initials following recent scandals in some churches.
Maybe I take interest erotica as a TOM or alternatively, all women who read and enjoy erotica are actually dirty-old-men in disguise; now there’s a thought.
Sticking with the possibility of confusion I discovered a prayer to help me cope with my dilemma
Dear Lord, All I ask for in 2013 is a big, fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix these up like you did last year. Amen.
I hope you’re not losing the will to live as I prevaricate and put off telling you how I responded to my erotic writer followers. Want to know? Mostly I followed back. Why? Erotic authors are artists expressing their art for a readership who want to enjoy it. If it’s consensual and adult I stand by the principle. And, what’s more, I’m getting a much wider range of word usage as a byproduct (or should I spell that bi-product?) I now have alternative thoughts about dripping, sucking, nibbling, squeezing, stroking … I could go on. Sad to say I’ll never be able to use the word “ejaculated”, as a conversational expression, again. Ho hum.
It seems I may have included a mild touch of eroticism in my latest thriller. This is not intended to create wild titillation or dampen the story line. It’s simply a normal outcome of a couple sharing and enjoying the normal physical intimacy of a strong relationship. No, folks, there aren’t passages worth dog-earing. But then there is that manipulative woman lawyer who throws herself about a bit …
With such a clear demand for erotica, the hypocrisy around it and other sexual content is surprising. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel inclined to write erotica as a genre. However, I stand by my fellow authors who follow their inspiration. Let’s avoid judgement and encourage writing in its many vibrant forms.
PS: Can anyone recommend a juicy piece of private reading for a somewhat unworldly TOM I know?

Mac Logan was born in Scotland and lived in the USA as a child, in Minnesota and Washington DC.

Mac lives near Edinburgh and is the author of The Angels' Share thriller series. He now has a publisher who will be launching his books very soon. You can watch a new video of Mac talking about his writing.

The Angels' Share is his first book. He recently completed DarkArt, his second thriller, which will be published in a month or so by Fantastic Books Publishing. His work is topical and gritty yet aimed at a mixed audience. You can contact him here.

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