Bathing Suit Protocol

A guest post by Author Regina Puckett

A few summers back my husband and I took a three day trip to downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. We both love going to Chattanooga because we can park our car and jump onto their trolleys for free access to anywhere in the downtown area.  It’s great fun and since it’s only ninety miles from our house it’s a short enough trip we can go away for the weekend and still make it back to work on Monday.
For this trip we decided to stay at a hotel that had once been old railroad station.  Over the years each of the buildings there had been beautifully restored, and the new owners had even converted some old railroad cars into guest rooms.  Since we’re cheapskates we didn’t splurge on staying in one of the railroad cars but we did request a room near the indoor pool. The train station had been converted into the indoor pool area. It’s a beautiful building with high ceilings made out of etched glass. 
During our mini vacation we did the usual sightseeing stuff during the mornings and in the hottest part of the day we enjoyed the pool.  On our second day there we decided to head down the hallway for another late afternoon swim.  Since my swimsuit was still damp from the day before it wasn’t as easy to put on as it had been the first day when it had been dry.  But since I was determined to go swimming I tugged and pulled.  It wasn’t easy but I finally got it on.  But even after it was on, no matter what I did, it still didn’t feel right.  Before I go any further with my story let me stop and explain something about my bathing suit. The neckline didn’t do the usual bathing suit thing and plunge in the front. It had a small skirt at the bottom so it looked basically the same in the front and back. 
Okay, back to my story. I put on my bathing suit covering over my suit and we headed down the hallway to the pool.  Everything is going great.  We’re out for an afternoon of fun.  We get to the pool and there’s only a young mother with her two young children in the pool area. This is great news to us.  We’re just too old people looking for a relaxing afternoon in the pool.  The fewer people there means less noise and confusion. The older you get the more you appreciate such things.
I can’t swim so I have to use the steps leading into the pool instead of jumping into the water like a normal person. Unfortunately the young mother is stationed on the top step by the railing to keep an eye on her children so I have to ask her to move for a moment so I can scoot by.  Still no worries.  Once I’m in I wade around in the shallow end for a little bit before I finally have enough nerve to hold onto the edge of the pool and work my way around to the deeper water where my husband’s swimming.
When he sees me he swims over and we hang at the edge just chatting about nothing in peculiar.  My bathing suit is still bothering me so I tug at the neckline again.  For some reason this time I look down while I’m tugging. Something isn’t right but it still takes me a moment or two for it to finally sink it what it the problem is.  I’m thinking, ‘surely not’, but I ask my husband to look at the back of my suit to tell me what he sees.  He looks behind me and starts laughing hysterically.  By this time the cups of my suit have filled with water and are ballooning out back behind me like water wings. Our afternoon in the pool lasted a little longer than we had first planned. We had to stay in the deep end of the pool for over an hour before the woman and her sons left.  There was no way I was walking by her again with sagging cups.

Regina has been writing as long as she can remember.  She loves to write sweet romances but is beginning to venture off into the paranormal.

She has five published full length sweet romances, Concealed in My Heart, Songs That I Whisper, What the Heart Knows, Love's Great Plan and Waiting for Mary Elizabeth.  She has a sweet romance, short story, Hearts on Fire, in Whimsical Publications' Winter Anthology, Winter Wonders.
Her newest short story is Mine.  Mine was inspired by her oldest daughter's love of ghost hunting.  It is what happens when you venture into places you have no busy being.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Regina, I'm cracking up at this!! Happy to know I'm not the only one who does that kind of stuff!! :-)) Thanks for making me laugh this morning!!

    Giant hug,


  2. Regina, what a hilarious story. Jan isn't the only one cracking up. I can just see it. Too funny.

  3. Thanks guys. My husband has no idea I told this story in such a public place. He's going to kill me. It was funny-later-much later. I was horrified at the time.


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