My first picks of 2013 are...

Each year I do several posts dedicated to my picks for favorites. Usually these posts are about books, movies, or music. Last year, I found a new love; reading blogs. I've decided it's time to share a few of my favorites. Here they are in no particular order, my 13 blog picks of 2013:

1.) Mistress of the Darkpath
2.) Smitten with Bad Boys
3.) Have you heard book review
4.) M.E. Franco, author
5.) Dionne Lister-author
6.) Tracy James Jones
7.) Justin Bog- A writer's life
8.) Life as Amber knows it
9.) Life among the pages
10.) Nice old spice
11.) Melissa Craig-author
12.) The Bad red-head
13.) Wander without being lost


  1. Thank you! So happy to make the list! :o)

  2. I made the list! Thank you, my amazing author friend!

  3. Hey, I was cruising through some blog posts from triberr, and thought it would be fun to see your picks. Imagine my surprise to see me!! Thank you so much! Looking forward to checking out some of the others on the list as well :)

  4. Blogging Love in the new year. You are so cool, Charity. I can't wait to meet you and everyone else in Dallas next fall. Thank you.


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