If you show me yours I'll show you mine

I've been thinking for awhile now that I would post a few author interviews here on my blog. However, the problem for me is that I always want my blog to be fun. I started thinking about how best to do both. My blog is usually a little naughty and I don't think anyone would expect less, so I decided why not do a few naughty interviews. Okay, so here comes my next problem...would anyone be willing to do that? I'm still not sure about that one but how can I ask anyone to agree to such a thing if I am not willing to do it myself? I couldn't. So, in the interest of fair play I'm going to post the interview questions here and answer them first. Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to talk a few hot authors into baring all for your viewing pleasure.  Their secrets, that is :-D

This is going to seem a little strange asking myself questions but here goes nothing....

Tell 3 fun facts about yourself:

1.) I hate to wear shoes.
2.) FB threatened to ban me once over sharing sexy pics on my fanpage.
3.) One of my books is based loosely on my own life...but I won't tell which one :-D

If you could bring one of your book characters to life for only one night, which one would it be, and what would you do?

Jazz Anderson from The Society of Sinners and then I would teach him things that would rock story book land forever. 

Is there anyone you’ve always secretly thought of as sexy that other people might find strange? If so, who?

This may not seem ridiculous to some people, but there are those who genuinely hate wrestling. I find Randy Orton sexy. Woo, I need a fan. 

What’s the worst/oddest present that you’ve ever received?

My old boss once gave me a picture of her with her cat. 

Confession time: What’s on your ipod right now?
The Good: One More Night by Maroon 5 (Yum, Adam Levine) 
The Bad: Stuck in the drive-thru by Weird Al (Yes, I love Weird Al)
The Ugly: Sweet Dreams by Marylin Manson

Do you have any tattoos?

Yes, two. I'll let y'all try to guess where they are.  

What’s your favorite snack?

Anything chocolate, mmmm! 

What’s your ultimate fantasy?

An Alexander Skarsgard Channing Tatum sandwich...delicious!! 

Alright, I did it. Now, let's see who is brave enough to do the same. I'll keep y'all posted. 


  1. 1. My family has no idea I am an erotic writer.

    2. I intend to push even my own boundaries.

    3. I am a chocolate snob...I will only eat really good chocolate.

    Elizabeth Knightbridge

    1. Thanks for joining the fun! It's amazing how many people writing erotica have families that have no idea :-D

  2. II hate shoes to, I like summer because its light foot wear, or none at all. I grew up watching wrestling, but I couldn't tell you any new ones. CHOCOLATE , nuff said! Great job Charity:-D


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