The "look" challenge

I've been tagged in the "look" challenge by an amazing lady, Johanna Denton. This is how it works, you take your current manuscript, search for the word "look", and post the surrounding paragraphs. Lastly, you tag 5 blogging authors who you think will be a good choice for the game.

Mine is "A Splash of Hope"

Copyright 2012 ©Charity Parkerson

He was graying at the temples, that was the first thing that Serenity noticed about Carter Monroe when she spotted him eating alone in a restaurant otherwise crowded with couples and families. He might have gone unnoticed if they were not the only two people there seated by themselves while everyone else packed a noisy table. Serenity snorted at that ridiculous notion. Carter possessed the type of powerful presence that would stand out even if he were dressed as a beggar. His steel gray eyes could pin a man in place and have him shaking in his boots but they crinkled in the corners when he smiled making a person feel as if it was meant for them alone. Those eyes lifted meeting hers as if he felt her stare and even though she felt her face flush at being caught watching him she didn’t look away. He leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest, and he tilted his head slightly as if assessing her courage. Serenity forced herself to stay still but she could not help the defiant tilt of her chin during his inspection. She would be damned if she let anyone find her wanting. Taking her by surprise, he stood and tossed a few bills down on the table, before making his way to stand over her. The expensive three-piece suit that he was wearing was obviously tailor made to fit and the color was the same exact shade as his eyes. Taking a deep breath, she drew the scent of his cologne into her lungs and her body began to tingle with awareness. 

My 5 picks: 
Tracy James Jones
Melissa Craig
Amber Norrgard
Dionne Lister
Justin Bogvanovitch 


  1. Sweet! Now I need to know what happens next!!

    1. Yay!! This title is releasing October first and I'm so so excited about it :-D

  2. That pulled me in Charity! I want to know what happens next too. And thanks for tagging me gorgeous. I'll give this one a go :)

  3. Excellent, Charity . . . you have me enthralled. And I'm also thinking of writing up my own post using the new novella coming out next month as part of an original eBook suspense/paranormal anthology. Thank you for thinking of me.


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