WOW! I'm a three-time winner!

Wow, a three-time winner. Those are words that I never thought that I would get to say, but what a wild ride this year has been for me. I can't believe the awards, contest, and rankings that I have topped in just the past 8 months. Thank you so much to everyone who has voted for, downloaded, and most of all, loved my books. Without you, I would never be able to live my dreams. There are note enough thank yous for that. I love the Mistress contest since it always pushes me to challenge myself. If you haven't met the Mistress of the  Darkpath, then you should go check out her blog:

For those of you who missed it, here is my winning entry:

This IS an EROTIC post!!

Black Ribbon Fantasies

Holly reached up and adjusted her mask for the hundredth time, praying that no one recognized her. When she first received the invitation to attend the Adonis Fantasy Masquerade Ball, her heart had frozen in her chest. Grecian Fantasies were famous for their naughty-nobody-knows-your-name parties, but she had never dreamed that she would one day attend. Now that she was here, Holly felt breathless over the sight of so many naked bodies gyrating to the beat of the heart-pounding music. She glanced again at the handwritten words scribbled at the bottom of her invitation, even though she knew them by heart.
“Wear something naughty. I’ll be the one wearing black.”
That seemed a bit vague when she first read it, but now that she was here staring at the sea of naked men, it seemed ludicrous.
Squaring her shoulders, she dove into the crowd determined to show a brave face. It wasn’t easy searching for one particular man while staring at the ceiling, but she feared it was either the ceiling or fun bits. However, after accidently brushing the bare ass of three different people she forced herself to pay closer attention. Just as she began to lose hope, the crowd parted, and there he was. His blond hair was a little shaggy and he needed a shave, but his gorgeous lean-muscled body more than made up for that. She might have never spotted him, since he was every bit as nude as every other man in the room, except he held her gaze boldly and there was a solid black ribbon tied around his cock.    
Her feet moved in his direction as her breathing ratcheted up and she stopped a foot away. “This game has rules,” he reminded her. Holly’s mind scrambled to remember the list of rules, and she ended up drawing a blank.
“If you want me you must take the ribbon and tie it around your wrist.”
Holly thought she’d come this far and she would kick herself for the rest of her life if she did not do what she  came here to do, have hot unadulterated sex with this gorgeous man in any way that he would have her. Therefore, without an ounce of hesitation she wrapped her fingers around his erection and unwound the ribbon slowly making sure to torture him as much as possible in the process.  She moved a little quicker when it came to tying it around her own wrist.
“Now you have accepted me as your master and you must do as I say,” he reminded her. Holly nodded that she understood and then waited silently for his next instructions. “You need something to drink. Let’s go to the bar.”  He led her to edge of a long cherry wood bar and ordered her a drink that she had never heard of. Any other time she would have been pissed over this sort of chauvinist behavior, but this is what she was here for, and her body was already reacting to the domination. Holly turned to face the bar when her drink arrived. His body pressed against her from behind and he began rubbing his hardened cock against her ass. With his hands on her hips, he began slowly pushing her short tight skirt up and over her hips. Holly gasped as the air brushed her bottom. She started to protest his actions, but he quickly dipped two fingers inside of her already soaking wet canal, and the words died on a moan.
“Brace your hands against the bar and spread your legs wide.”
At his words, she shot him a panicked look over her shoulder. “People can see us.”
“No one is watching us. They are busy with their own pursuits.”
She glanced around the room and realized that he was right. There was not a single person looking in their direction. With a deep breath for courage, she did as he asked. She felt the head of his cock probing at her entrance as he used her juices to moisten the tip. He used his weight against her, bending her over further. When he entered her fully, she tightened her inner muscles around him drawing a moan from his lips. At the sound, a smile touched her lips and her confidence soared. When she wiggled her hips experimentally, he hissed between his teeth. “Damn, woman,” he groaned. “This has been our best anniversary yet.”      

copyright 2012 under the title "Lust and Longing an erotic collection"-Charity Parkerson 


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