The 4 whips present...#TurkeySlap 2012

The FourWhips present….Turkey slap 2012

Turkey Slap
 The act of lovingly slapping one’s partner with an erect or semi-erect penis

Now is your chance to become an award-winning author.  The Four Whips, otherwise known as Melissa Craig, Dionne Lister, Amber Norgarrd, and Charity Parkerson are holding their first writer’s competition beginning now. 

Here is a list of the rules:

-Word count 500-1000 words
-Must include a sex scene
-Must include the term Turkey Slap
-Making us laugh is a plus
-Deadline for entry September 30, 2012

-Additional information and terms, six winners will be named. Each winning entry will be included in an anthology that will be published and offered for free through Smashwords with stories from the above named authors around Thanksgiving. In order to enter you must agree to have your work included in this book and agree that you understand that your work will be edited for grammar and punctuation before publication.  
-Winners will be announced October 31, 2012.


1st place- "I survived the 2012 #TurkeySlap Erotica Flash Fiction contest...and all I got was this lousy shirt" T-shirt along with a signed copy of your choice of the following books
    -Melissa Craig’s “Ample Attraction”
    -Dionne Lister’s “Shadows of the Realm”
    -Amber Norrgard’s “Wanting”
    -Charity Parkerson’s “The Danger with Sinners”

2nd place- ebook of your choice from the books listed above.

All winners will be included in the anthology.  This is a great opportunity to get some exposure and have some fun. Please email your entry to 
***This is not an offer for a contract with Punk & Sissy Publications. All authors shall retain the rights to their work and may publish their work anywhere they so choose. We only ask that you link your work back to the competition. However, this book will be published under the Punk & Sissy Publications logo and will be edited by Dionne Lister. The competition will be judged by the Four Whips panel: Amber Norgarrd, Charity Parkerson, Dionne Lister, and Melissa Craig.