Get a sneak peek of "The Danger with Sinners" Sinners 3

Releasing August 1st~ The 3rd book in the "Sinner Series"~   "The Danger with Sinners"

Blurb~ The Society of Sinners and the Safe Haven Corporation team up in Parkerson's third installment of the Sinners Series in order to locate and capture head of Research Inc., Tacha Vasiliev
Tacha is accused of using her company as a cover for development of a weapon of mass destruction, the ultimate Vampire.
Caleb Cook, aka Danger, is sent to infiltrate the home of Sr. V.P. Narmer Horus in hopes of uncovering clues to Tacha's whereabouts.
Disguised as head of security, Danger finds his biggest challenge isn't Narmer himself, but Narmer's headstrong daughter, Kim. 
However, just as Danger is not what he appears, neither is Kim.


“Did you enjoy the show?”
“Good, because it wasn’t free.”
He should have seen this trap coming. It seemed that he would now be subject to blackmail by Mr. Horus’ willful daughter, or risk blowing the entire mission.
“What it is it that you are wanting?”
“Close the door, Danger.” He did as she asked, but he did not attempt to move any closer. She smiled brightly. “I’m not going to bite.” She paused to chuckle before adding, “Probably.”
His competitive nature roared to life at her words. She thought to dare him? His long stride carried him across the room, and he did not stop until his knees hit the edge of her bed. Her eyes lit with triumph, and he wondered who was really winning this battle of wills.
“So what’s it going to take to keep you quiet, about my…,” he trailed off, unwilling to trap himself.
“The loss of your keys,” she supplied, cocking one eyebrow.
“A kiss,” she answered quickly.
“That’s ridiculous,” he said, for lack of anything else to say, since she had caught him off guard with her demand.
“No. What is ridiculous, are your continuous lies. What is ridiculous is the fact that you continue to insist that your name is Danger, that you lost your keys in my underwear drawer, and that your business in this house-”
He cut off her words sealing his mouth over hers, and diving inside. He twined his tongue with hers and when she moaned into his mouth, he reached out brushing the tips of his fingers over her hardened nipples. Feeling as if he had the upper hand now, he pulled away. “You are playing a dangerous game by taunting me, little girl.” 
Her breathing was unsteady but her bravado was still intact. “And you, Mr. Deceptive, are a puppy amongst wolves in this house. I will keep your secret, but if you dare to harm my father, you will feel the wrath of the ages.”

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