Double the Sin

--Warning: This book contains graphic depictions of sexual activity including oral sex, masturbation, voyeurism, and menage. It is intended for mature audiences not offended by explicit representations of sexual activity between consenting adults.

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--After a vicious attack by a creature of the night, Annie James loses not only her ability to walk in the sunlight but also the man of her dreams, Adio. 

Adio's guilt over his failure to keep Annie safe has kept him at a distance, and although he has kept a close watch on her since the turning, he has made no attempt to reclaim the love they once shared...until now. 


--"That's not fair," she whispered as Mirage began removing her clothes. Despite her weak protest, he did not stop, and she did not bring his motions to a halt. 
“Love seldom is,” Adio retorted as the final item of her clothing disappeared from sight. Burying his fingers in her hair, Mirage tugged, tilting her head back so that he could cover her mouth with his own. His tongue invaded her mouth without mercy while Adio focused his attention on her breasts. He nipped at each one until she began to squirm and then he dropped to his knees.