I'm a Beautiful Blogger (according to my award)

I was blessed to receive the "Beautiful Blogger award" from Tracy James Jones. I'm a thankful to have Tracy in my life, and here is that award:
  Pretty cool, huh?  Well, as part of receiving the award I have to tell 7 things about myself, so here it goes.
  1.)  I talk too much
  2.) I laugh when I get nervous
  3.) I have a strange obsession with buying ink pens
  4.) I love bunnies
  5.) I don't care for cats (it's an allergy thing)
  6.) I'm a Twitter addict
  7.) I seldom sleep

So, there it is and now I'm passing along this award to 7 other "Beautiful Bloggers"

  1.) Melissa K. Craig ~ Simply Breathtaking
  2.) Amber Norrgard~ Life as Amber knows it
  3.) Justin Bog ~ Writings of Justin
  4.) Kat McCarthy~ Smitten Bad Boy Heroes
  5.) Rachel Thompson ~Bad Red Head/Rachel in the OC
  6.) Blue Remy~ Of Angels & Daemons
  7.) Jane Issac~ Caffeine is not a Crime

Kudos, chocolate kisses, and hot coffee to all my fellow beauties.  Keep knocking em dead!  


  1. Just found you here in the blogesphere and on twitter....looks hot and promising.....just stepping into the realm of erotic paranormal romance writing.....having a blast.....nice to meet you and congrats on your award! Cheers!


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