Sexy Men in Uniform

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Lena knocked a few books from the shelf as she hopped around on one foot, cursing.  “Son of a bitch.” 
Bending over, she scooped up the mess she made and two cards fell out of the book she was holding.  She wanted to have the strength to stuff the cards back into the book where they belonged, thus keeping her nose to herself.  Of course, that’s not what she did, she read them.  They were both Father’s Day cards.  One was from his two daughters and the other was from his wife.  Lena smiled as she looked at the one from his girls, it was a homemade card with hearts drawn on it, and little girl signatures.
“Stacey and Lacey, how cute.” Then she made the mistake of opening the one from his wife.  It was the normal sort of Father’s Day card, but what caught her eye was the inscription, it said. “To Geoff, with all my love, Rebecca.” 
Lena closed the card confused, and then opened the book that it had fallen from.   Seeing it was a scrapbook, she flipped through the pages, studying each one carefully, trying hard to understand what she was seeing.  There were pictures of two little girls, both with matching brown curls and identical brown eyes.  There were several drawings that they’d obviously made for their daddy, and finally two birth certificates.  They belonged to Lacey and Stacey Landers, and listed as their father, was Geoff Landers.
     “Geoff Landers, where have I heard that name before?”  Flipping open her laptop, she Googled the name.  What Lena found was a newspaper article. “Family of four found slain,” she read, aloud.  She heard that story, that’s why the name sounded so familiar to her. 
 Scrolling down the page, she looked for a picture, and there it was, Dan staring back at her.  She sat back in a stunned silence, clutching the scrapbook to her chest, and that’s how Dan found her when he came home.
     “They called me back halfway there, and it turns out it was just…” he trailed off, when he saw her.  He leaned his shoulder against the doorframe, cocking his head to one side as he studied her. 
Lena forced her shock aside, and asked. “Who are you?”  Her voice came out in a horrified whisper.  

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