"Services Rendered" and The Mistress of the darkpath

My 1st place winning entry, "Services Rendered"

In March, I entered the Mistress of the Darkpath writing contest.  I won this same contest back this past September and it is one of my favorite contest online.  Here is my winning entry:

          “Services Rendered”
Charity Parkerson
504 words

Glowing green shamrock shaped lanterns hung from the ceiling of the overcrowded bar, making Liz want to puke.  She hated St. Patrick’s Day.  A person with her dark complexion and light-colored hair did not need to wear green.  Not that she should have bothered, she thought bitterly, after the third drunken reveler pinched her butt.  With her patience at an end, she desperately sought the exit, and didn’t draw another easy breath until the cool night air brushed her face.  Her ears rang after the extended exposure to loud music, and that’s why it took her a minute to hear the tiny cries for help. Following the sound, she spotted a silver trashcan right inside the alleyway with two tiny legs sticking out.  They kicked out in every direction as the person attached struggled to escape.
“Oh, my.  Are you okay?” Liz cried, as she rushed to help.
The kicking stopped and tiny voice sounded from inside.  “Would you mind terribly helping me out?”
“Of course,” Liz answered, feeling a bit embarrassed that she had not immediately done so. 
Grabbing the tiny legs, she braced her legs apart, and pulled with all her strength. 
At first, she thought it was a child, but after setting him on his feet, she realized it was a tiny man dressed all in green. 
“Why were you in the trashcan?” she asked, trying desperately to focus on the reason they were there and not her shock. 
 His eyes were almost the same shade as his clothes, and even the dark they twinkled.  A bright smile lit his face as he answered.  “It’s a tall tale, of that you can be sure.  It is wicked and twisted definitely not for the pure, but if you wish to know how it is that I came to be here, then lean closer to me and I shall whisper it in your ear.”
Despite the odd circumstances, curiosity drove her to do as he bade. With her ear close to his mouth, he continued.  “Temptation and greed will drive men to be cold, but the secret is they shall never get my gold!”
Before Liz could absorb his words, he kissed her soundly on the mouth, and tweaked her breast.  With a cackling “tee-hee” he scampered away.  Stunned, she watched him race down the alley as fast as his tiny legs would carry him.  He leapt in to the air, clicking his heels together in glee as he ran, and singing all the way.  “I’m the very first Leprechaun. That’s who I be, and so long as I live they shall never catch me.  If they think to try, then they will surely die, exactly like the man I stuffed in a pie.”
By the time Liz arrived home, she’d almost convinced herself that the excessive consumption of green beer caused her illusion, but as she removed her clothes to prepare for bed, a gold coin fell from inside her bra, and she swore she heard his tiny voice singing in her ear. 

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