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His chest was bare and he rested his head upon one arm as if it were a pillow.  Turned on his side as he was Annabelle could see all the beautiful definitions of his upper body.  From his deeply ridged abs to the indention in his chest, but no matter how many times her eyes strayed over that gorgeous body they always returned to his face.  When Dimi was concentrating on something else or sleeping as he was now he looked so very young and innocent, but when he focused his attention on you it was a whole new experience.
 His eyes would take on just this certain glint, and he did something with his eyebrows that always turned his expression wicked leaving you wondering what he was thinking.
She wanted both sides of him.  She wanted that innocence to hold her gently and lovingly, but she wanted that wicked Dimi in her bed.  Her stomach twisted at the thought that she might not ever have either. 
Wanting more of his warmth, she took a chance by scooting closer, and when it didn’t disturb him, she moved in yet another inch.  She was close enough now that she was able to press her nose to his chest breathing in his scent.  He smelled like the moonlight.  That was the best description she could come up with for it.  The moon affected everything when you were a wolf, and he was her moon.  Her hand moved before she gave it any conscious thought, and it was running over his side and up his muscular back before she could stop it.  She froze when she realized what she was doing, but the need to hold him against her was so great she was overcome.  She wanted to look back up to his face but she was too much of a coward.  If she saw rejection in his eyes she might never be the same again.  Instead she stayed her course and decided he would stop her if she went too far, but his hand came up to rest on her hip buoying her hope.  She managed to stay still for what felt like an hour, but in reality was probably more like thirty seconds.
She lifted her knee throwing her leg over his hip while inhaling his scent once more before lightly placing her lips against his chest.  She knew he was awake by the way he stiffened beneath her touch and the evidence of his arousal was pressed between them brushing against her right where she wanted him the most, even though both of their clothes separated them.
Dimi’s hand slid over hip before cupping her ass and pressing her more firmly against his erection.  She almost came right then her nerves were so firmly on edge from an overload of sensation.  She opened her mouth over his chest sucking lightly on his skin and nearly moaned in delight as she realized he even tasted like the moon.  His fingers found the edge of her waistband and pushed underneath her shorts finding her wet he dipped a finger inside and she was unable to stifle the answering moan.  Her head fell back and his mouth descended upon hers in a kiss so scorching she wanted to scream.  He licked a hot path from the corner of her mouth to the side of her neck coming to a rest beneath her ear.  His fingers kept up their relentless torture but his words were nearly as powerful. “I want to leave no part of you un-tasted.”