You're Awesome ---Round 2

It is that time again; time for me to give my picks for awesome authors.  Some names you may know and others may be new to you, but these are a few that I love. As usual, I will break them down by genre.

Gregory Marshall Smith--Horror/Fantasy
Sherry Roberts-- Contemporary Fiction
Carole Gill-- Dark Horror
Neil Low-- Murder Mystery
Elena Welch-Aitken-- Contemporary Christian Romance
Gloria Repp--Children's books
Amber Norrgard-- Poetry
Eloisa James-- Historical Romance
Lisa Kleypas-- Historical Romance
Jude Deveraux-- Historical Romance
Julie Garwood-- Contemporary/Historical Romance
H.P. Mallory-- Paranormal
Shannon Mayer-- Paranormal
J.R. Ward-- Paranormal
Sherrilyn Kenyon-- Paranormal
Charlaine Harris-- Paranormal
Scott Mallory-- A genre all his own-- seriously funny guy
Calinda Be-- Paranormal

I love books. I love everything about them, including the way they smell. I own thousands of them, and want to share my love of reading with the world.  There is nothing better than losing yourself in a world painted for you by someone's words.  Lose yourself in one of these awesome author's books today.


  1. I used to read Jude Deveraux all the time! She is so funny!

    1. I love her. She is the reason I love to read because hers was the first romance that I ever read .

  2. Great list! Only a very few I hadn't come across before and I'll be looking for those!

  3. Interesting list, Charity. I'll have to look up the ones I'm not familiar with. Thanks for sharing:)


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