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Recently, I was asked during an interview if I knew of any authors to watch for. I have to admit that I was squirming in my seat in excitement.  Here was a topic that I knew something about.  However, after the interview was over, I thought, "Well, crap!" I left out so many awesome authors that deserved a mention.  I've decided to remedy that the best that I can, so here are some of my picks for awesomeness:
Urban Fantasy: Mark Rice, Jay Taylor
YA Fantasy: M.J. Webb
Human Drama: Tracy James Jones
Sci-fi: Colin Chadwick
Sci-fi erotica: Andrew Harding
Erotica: Melissa Craig
Military Drama: David McCoy and Lynn Hallbrooks (writing team)
Historical fiction: Zoe Saadia, Tina Boscha
Non-Fiction: Kevin Swarbrick
Psychological Thriller: Michael Lorde
Police drama: Derek Blass
Romance: Regina Puckett, Marla Blowers, Sandy Wolters, J. Sterling, C.J. Ellisson, Karen Rose Smith, Lynn Hubbard
Poetry: Ben Ditmars, Richard Weatherly
Drama: D.A. Graystone
Guide books: Alan Tucker, Jeff L. Dawson, Siggy Buckley
Fiction: Faith Mortimer
Children's books: Martha Rodriguez
Mystery: J.D. Mader
Two unpublished authors to keep an eye out for are Jeremy Emling and Blue Remy.  I have read both of their work, and was very impressed.

I know that this is a very long list, and I'm sure that I will think of more people later, but this will give you a good start on some new books to try. 


  1. Good deal! Thanks for the mention! *Hugs* Tracy J.

  2. Oh my, now I have another reading list, thank you so much Charity.

  3. Wow, you sure do a lot of reading - I'm impressed by you!

  4. I'm a fan of the written word, and this is only a first of lists from me =) Once I have more, I'll let y'all know

  5. Looks like I have some authors to catch up on. And some more writing to do to make this list.

  6. No, you are! LOL Thanks so much for the mention!

  7. <3 Very happy to have found you as a friend!

  8. Awwah!!! Thank you, Charity! Eye <3 Yew!


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