Do you hear the nervous laughter?....yeah that's me

I met these awesome guys on Twitter and you should definitely follow them both.  They are @FP2S_Harold and @frompage2screen.  Anyhow, Harold invited me to do an interview on the podcast that he co-host, and I was thrilled to take part.  I had a great time chatting with Harold, and since then, I have enjoyed listening to the other many shows that he and Stuart take part in.  If you'd like to listen to my interview here is the link: /TC-94760/TS-581912.mp3 You'll probably have to hover your mouse over it to see it (I'm not sure why and if there any pro-bloggers out there with the answer to this problem HELP ME!!) LOL! If you use itunes here is a link to their show: 

As usual, thanks for reading along as I ramble on about nothing =) Love you all!!


  1. As if you rumble... sorry mud popped into my mind *widening my eyes* ... as if you ramble about nothing babe. Mwah I loved the interview. And I couldn't agree more, two great blokes, follow on twitter and have many hours of laughter. I know more people in Australia will be following the itune podcasts.

  2. HEY MELISSA! <==== That was from Greg! Now from me, yum mud, seems like I remember a certain mud wrestling....yes on to other subjects he-he thanks for commenting! I want Harold and Stuart to get the huge burst of downloads that they so deserve.


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