A Secure Heart and the year of the "indie"

This has truly been the year of the Indie, and Women's Literary Cafe is holding a year end celebration!!  My book "A Secure Heart" and hundreds of other great books are buy 3 get 1 free. Click on the link below the image to see them all.  If this is your first time visiting then please check out this steamy excerpt:

A whisper of noise caused her eyes to snap to the bathroom door, and she could see the muscles flexing in Jacob’s back, as he clutched the edge of the sink.  She felt momentarily panicked.  How much blood did he lose carrying her through those tunnels, and while he cared for her person after their arrival?  He didn’t appear weak in the least, but she was no judge of physical health.
“Are you okay?” she asked softly, somehow knowing that he would hear her.
His eyes lifted to the mirror, and their gazes locked in the reflection, forcing the breath to catch in her chest.  Good lord he was…intense, and she felt an even stronger need to make sure she was covered from head to toe, but she made herself lie still.  While holding her gaze, he unsnapped his pants then slowly slid down his zipper, as if daring her to continue to watch.  Little did he know, she couldn’t have looked away even if she wanted to do so, because no matter how bad the timing of her overload of hormones, she was unaccountably drawn to him.
He made her suddenly want to celebrate the fact that she survived.  When she didn’t glance away shyly, as he was clearly expecting, he let go allowing his black cargo pants to slither to the floor.  He was going commando under those pants, and it took every ounce of her will power not to lick her parched lips at the sight of his gorgeous ass.  The mirror above the sink only showed his face and bare chest, but somehow she knew she just knew that he was hard and ready for her.  Her own body screamed out in answer to his overwhelming potency, and heat flooded her core as her nipples tightened.  The brush of the sheets against her bare breasts almost made her cry out in frustration, and she pressed her knees together trying to ease the pressure that was building there.